Barnegat Light, NJ Water Restriction Proposal

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    Asbury Park Press - June 26, 2006
    In part" For borough officials, the proliferation of automatic watering systems-many of which are timed to go off at the same time-is causing a problem. "It's a heavy drain and it's depleting our supply. The water pumps barely can keep up with the demand", said the Borough Council president.
    In an effort to give the borough's overworked water pumps a break, the town's governing body is poised to restrict when residents can water the yards. A proposed ordinance, which is likely to be approved at the Borough Council's July 19 meeting, gives residents three days a week to water. The ordinance also prohibits the installation of automatic sprinkler systems during the weekend
    In Barnegat Light, residence must have a permit to install such watering systems. However, on weekends it's difficult to monitor whether people are"sneaking them in", Mayor Kirk Larson said. The push for restrictions isn't about a water shortage, town officials say. Rather, there are concerns that weak water pressure during the morning hours could hinder firefighters.

    Having typed excerpts of the article for review, I can clearly understand the need for water restrictions, many towns have had them in place for years. I do however take exception to the policy of "not allowing for the installation of automatic sprinkler systems on weekends". I am a certified irrigation contractor, fully insured, and obtain whatever permits are required. I simply do not as the mayor claims "sneak them in". It's a short season to begin with and now they want to legislate away a few of my available work days. Will electricians and plumbers also be denied the right to work, could they be guilty of "sneaking them in" ?:angry:
    End of rant,:dizzy: any comments?
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    This is why they invented lawyers.
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    How can they limit you to working on the weekends? I don't think that that ordinance would fly if it went to court. How is it a public safety issue. Something that is done after the fact?

    Now wouldn't it be just simple to run a survey on who already has an irrigation system installed, create a data base from that input,THEN enforce the permit requirement.

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