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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by teejet, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. teejet

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    I pay $110 for 5 lbs. of Knighthawk 65% a.i. /WG. I buy 25 lbs. at a time. I think I am paying to much.
    Can anyone chime in with their price. I know I don't buy alot therefore my price is higher.
    Also is 26.00 a good price for potassium nitrate. 14-0-44
  2. rwsawal04

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    Well I used Calvacade it's the same thing, I pay about $180 for a 10lb bag. I purchase mine from Helena in Alabama.
  3. Turfdoctor1

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    not a bad price. I'm paying $100 for 5 #'s, same active. And, I think I bought 45 containers at once.
  4. Think Green

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    I bought Barricade 4L in the gallon container for 112.00.
    My supplier said that Syngenta will no longer supply the liquid version in the next go around, so I guess the powder will have to do. I haven't asked about the cost for the powder. I would figure it would be less because of weight and the maker not adding any inert ingredients into the gallon.
    Who is your supplier in Springdale? I probably have forgotten if I talked to you in PM!

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