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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by khutch, Dec 31, 2005.

  1. khutch

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    Using this product for the first time this year.
    Any tips / comments?
    Bag does not suggest splits, hints that single app is good as look as you do not exceed x lbs. per acre.
    This is also a good pre-em for beds, correct?
    I have always used Pre-Em 1st round, Die. 2nd round.
    I was educated that this was a bad practice because I was not using consistant AI.
  2. The Ranger

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    from NE Ohio
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    In NE Ohio Baracide should be applied as single app .5lb aia. Where you are is probably a highter rate and maybe split app.
  3. ThreeWide

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    If I'm doing one early season application of Barricade, it would go very close to 1 lb AI per acre. This should give you a 6 month coverage window in Atlanta.

    Split apps would be about 0.5 lb AI per acre each. Assume about 3 months coverage with an 0.5 rate. Be careful not to overshoot the fall seeding window with Fescue.

    Max rate is 1.5 lbs AI per acre in a year.

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    not sure what to use been usind dim .15 but stonewall looks good at the .43 mix
  5. LawnTamer

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    I'm a big barricade/stonewall fan. Just don't tell the boss (the Mrs) how much a 50lb box costs. It gives very good protection against crabgrass, fox-tail and spurge which are the main summer annuals here. Doesn't stain as bad or smell as bad as pendi. I just do 1 ap at 1.15#/acre. So my cost is $1.05/1000. It may be a little more than pre-em but I think it's worth it. When I use pre-em there is the temptation to avoid edges by nice concrete and white fences to avoid staining but these are places weeds are most likely to germinate. I've tried Dimension but it has such a short half life, I was seeing crabgrass popping up lsee than 3 months after application.
  6. vegomatic40

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    I was considering using Stonewall this year for slight cost considerations versus Syngenta's Barricade but Lesco offered no EC form. of the product. Haven't looked into it lately (they may offer it now) but I prefer EC forms.for use in blanket apps. since my days of using good-old mechanical paddle agitation are long-gone. EC's seem to stay in supension better than WDG's. There is nothing like spraying a large property(s), checking your strainer and finding a large glob of product stuck to your screen. Makes me nervous about rates applied etc.
    Something else to consider when making a product choice is to read the label THOROUGHLY. While a manufacturer may list a wide range of weeds controlled or surpressed, they often suggest applying the product at times that may be inconvenient for use. Ex-Barricade/Stonewall offers control of winter annuals like chickweed if you apply it in the fall. Would work great in a straight warm-season market with a fall/spring split app. but why use a very pricey product that can be accomplished with one pre/post app. in the spring? And, it would be of no use in a fall seeding/aeration market since it would interfere with the critical germination of overseeding.
  7. Green-Pro

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    yes it can be used as a pre-em for plant beds

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
    from PA
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    SOUNDS good

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