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    Hi all,
    Do you guys have any issues within barricade on cool season grasses?
    Syngenta Aussie/New Zealand only labels it for warm season grasses and they are not replying to why we have different recommendations.
    might Give it a test on my rye lawn which has good root depth, we have no legal requirements to follow labels here due to most things only labelled for agricultural use.
    We do not have any of the other pre emergents available except pendamethalin and tenacity.
    If it does not have cropping use we don’t get it in New Zealand
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    That is all I use on my cool season grasses.
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    cool season grasses here. I use a .8lb per acre rate of prodimine (barricade is the name brand for the same active ingredient).

    Label in US says not to go above 1lb per acre for cool season.
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