Barrier Herbicide

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Atlantic Lawn, Feb 4, 2008.

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    Funny you should bring this up. I, too, have been looking into this. While it is an over the top preemergent, it looks like it's stronger than Snapshot. The guys I've talked to are getting a full season out of one app., which is good since it's about $400+ an acre. I may try it on a trial basis this year. I think it may be a good fit for places I need more strength than Surflan or Snapshot, but where the sterilants are a liability (slopes, over tree roots, etc...) I understand it used to be sold under the "Dyclomec" label if this rings a bell for anyone.
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    Barrier is dichlobenil or Casoron. They just relabeled the product. Watch it on slopes during rain events if there is lawn below because it can move several feet given the right conditions. Don't use over bulbs or perennials and stay away from surface rooted plants unless you use it at half the low rate. Small conifers like Douglas fir and cedar won't tolerate high rates so use sparingly. About 5 granules in the size of a dime is about right. Great product in the right place. In the wrong place it can do considerable damage. Watch that you don't track the granules on grass because you'll leave dead footprints and they'll track you right back to your truck:walking:
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    Thanks Neal, good information. I didn't realize it was Casaron. I did know about the perennial thing, but didn't know it moved as much on slopes, like sterilant.

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