Bartering for a 36 in. Exmark Metro 15 hp. What’s it worth?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CuttingCrew, May 1, 2005.

  1. CuttingCrew

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    A clients of mine that owns most of the commercial properties I serve, has a 36 in. Exmark Metro he is considering selling to me. He owns 6 commercial properties that gross me about $1000 a month on 10 day cuts. This piece of equipment would be an enormous asset to me for one of his properties, (I have to borrow my old partners 44 Toro walk behind for it due to some REALLY steep hills) as well as some residential properties I have turned down because they have 36 in. gates on fenced yards.

    This machine is less than three years old, has less than 300 hours on it and has been very well maintained. Can anyone give me an idea of what it is worth? I have never owned or used an Exmark, so I’m not sure how well they hold their value. Everything I have heard about them has been positive.

    When we settle on a price, should I just issue his account a credit for that amount or pay him cash? He is a good friend and will do what ever I ask. This guy is pretty much responsible for the success of my business in the beginning due to the amount of accounts he has secured for me so I want to treat him right. Any input would be appreciated.

  2. MMLawn

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    If it helps you any I can tell you that here that mower (if it is belt) is around $2800 New and eXmark holds it's value very well. Most folks with it being 3 years old and 300 hours would probably still ask $1200-1500 or so for it I would guess.

    If he'll do it I'd just credit his account as that way in reality you are paying even less (your cost of cutting) than you would be giving him cash.
  3. Tiller1240

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    Cutting Crew:
    I have seen several sell in the Maryland/Virginia/Penn. area that are similar in description to what you are looking at (low hours, well maintained, 2-3 years old). I would have to agree with MMLawn and say that they are going to run you about $1500, give or take.
  4. lawnranger44

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    I wouldn't give him more than $1500 if its belt drive. If it's hydro then its a whole different story. Then it might be $2000-2500.
  5. lawncare3

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    A metro IS a belt drive.
  6. LwnmwrMan22

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    I just bartered for a '98 Ferris WB, 48" Hydrowalk with a 14 hp Kohler. $800, one month's worth of mowing for a bank that I got.

    I know it's older, a different brand, different cut, etc., but I thought I'd give you a ballpark of what I did.

    If it were me, I'd tell him you'll mow for a month free and $500 to boot.

    This way you're really only out the $500 as far as your cash flow.
  7. goodgreen

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    I agree that it's in the $1,500 range. I've had mine for three seasons of part-time lawncare and it has served me extremely well. Works really well on those hills you talked about. For the use you described, you will like it.
  8. lawnranger44

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    Whoops. :blush:

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