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    Does anyone ever barter their services? I just picked up an account where I exchange lawn work (easy lawn, mostly mower work) for unlimited access to limo service. The guy owns a company that both rents and sells limos. The limos are something nice, I'll take my wife out on some hot dates with it, but the real reason I went for it was because he is the first house inside a very exclusive neighborhood that I would like to break into. The owner has agreed to let me put two small signs in his yard, one next to the door and the other by the street where everyone can see it as they enter the neighborhood. He is next to the main entrance and there are only two entrances to the neighborhood. I hope the homeowners assoc. doesn't get a stick up their butt about the sign though or I may lose my gamble.<br>chris
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    your truck will also make a good sign that they cant say anything about, ask him if you can put magnetic signs on the limo when you are using it:)<p>----------<br>CJC Landscape Management<br>Winter Haven, Florida
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    I try to barter when I can; this year my neighbor & I are swapping services. I'm putting in his landscaping, & he's revamping the roof over our breakfast room. This seems to be something that'll get bigger & more common as time goes on. I'd rather swap than fork over cash anyday.<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<br>
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    cjcland,<br>that's what my father-in-law said, but if I did nobody would hire me, they'd think I already had enough money. <br> One other reason I picked up the account that I didn't mention before was that the owner really seems like a smart and friendly businessman. I talked to him for about an hour when I went to bid it. Luckily it was after work so I didn't lose work time. I want to pick his brain a little.
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    Bartering is an area where caution is needed. The IRS frowns on it so either don't or be very careful.<p>----------<br>Lanelle<br>
  6. Lanelle wrote:<p>&gt;Bartering is an area where caution is needed. The IRS frowns on it so either don't or be very careful.<p>And excatly how does the IRS know that your are bartering? Do the have a secret staff of<br>remote viewers?<p>You have nothing to worry about if you don't<br>have any real estate or any cash in US banks.<br>If fact the IRS does not even procecute any<br>cases where the tax liability is under 10K and now they actually have to prove your tax<br>liability not make up a number to serve thier<br>own needs.<p>The IRS is just like and other govt. agency<br>they are completely inept at what they do.
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    Bartering works for me.<br>I have my dentist and we swap services out and the BBQ joint next to him does the same thing. Also last week swaped out with my closest hardware store a new mtd (i know what you all are going to say) 21&quot; push mower with a 5.5 honda on it, I needed a new trim mower and I thought Id give this a shot, It mulches and discharges and only weighs about 45 pounds or so. 8 hours work over a months time the place is next to another weekly account Ill be right there I cant go wrong. Plus Ill have it all sumer! Jim
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    I have a great bartering job.I works for a guy who owns a auto wrecking busines and I cut the lawn in front of the yard and also his home which is a big county job.I cut the lawn and in exchange I get work on my truck car as well as parts and so on.Just think of all the times you have had to pay big bucks for brake jobs!It works out awsome!!!!!!!<p>from:Adam<p>AB Lawn Care
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    A recent report on the IRS. Says that they go after those that can least afford to defend themselves. I dont know what the money limit on that is. I dont barter. Not for that reason though. After I get through with a job. I like to see that check or the cash. Makes me feel so good.
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    IRS (Illegal Revenue Stealers)<br>Show them no love.

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