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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by FIREMAN, Apr 11, 2001.


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    I am in need of a new tree care/removal company , I met with a salesman from Bartlett today and they seem very professional. According to the salesman they are a national company with their own labs and chemical engineers. Since they are a national comapny, I thought I'd ask here...anyone heard of or dealt with these people..good or bad I'd like to hear anything???
  2. Evan528

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    Barlett is a etremly knowledgable company as a whole! All of there employees are skilled and do impresive work form what I have seen. There only downside is there prices... 2-3 times as much as local competitors!!!! I have talked to one of there branch managers and I was very impressed by him. And yes, they do have there own labs and even make there oen fertilizers!
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    where in jersey are you at? if you need tree removals done and land clearing and god only knows what else i have a guy that does my hard take downs for me. for clearing he gets a minimum of 2400 an acre. to harvest stumps he gets minimum 4,000 an acre. for the tree work he gets minimum 1600 a day. however he gets his guys from savatree. i talked to one of those guys one day. he told me that what savatree does in 1 whole day my guy does just in the first part of the morning. they really fly those guys. they go down to the city a lot and long island and what not. i know that he does go out to like spring valley and into jersey. how far out in jersey he goes i dont know. however if you want you can email or im me and i can give you his number. he is fully insured and whatever. and i would recommend him to everyone i know.
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    forgot to mention about bartlett. a friend of mine their family uses bartlett to spray trees now and what not. i do the pruning and cutting. a couple of years back bartlett had gone to their home to prune an oak tree or maple tree. and the guy used tree spurs on it. tree wound up dying and had to be removed. so that is one thing i have heard bad about them nothing else.
  5. gene gls

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    Bartlett Tree Service does most of the power line work in my area. Two men to each truck, new equipment, they work slower than $$$$.

  6. thelawnguy

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    Bartlett is by far the big player in the high-dollar part of town around here. They will do crazy stuff other guys wont touch. They also will do the PITA pruning jobs nobody else wants.

    Asplundth does most of the municipal and utility work around here.
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    yeah my friend is walter and sons tree service. they do a lot of crazy stuff and they do it fast. i had to take down this one large locust tree over a building and lines. 2 companies told me 4 guys 6 - 8 hrs. walter's guys did it in 2 hrs 3 guys. i watched. they really move those guys. they clear a lot of land and what not. stone work too.
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    Aspluhdths work is just plain pitiful! They do all the work around wires here for the electric company. All they do is just hack the hell out of beutiful trees. theyll chop a 100 year old oak in half or "chop" limbs back and leave a 3 ft stub insted of takin it back ot the trunk. They sent a letter to my house saying they would be in the area to cut any trees on my property away from wires!IM glad i dont have any trees near the wires because god help them if they came near this property!
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    We have subbed Barlett before. They are a large contractor and able to handle difficult work. They also have tree care programs. We do find them pricy, but the market does bear it. All of our large sites utilize Barlett, thru us as a sub or independently as a tree contractor.

    Asplundh is (the largest) utility clearance company in the US. Yes they hack away at trees, but that is their job to make sure the power we get to our homes and offices stays uninterrupted.
  10. Evan528

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    I realize they have to clear all limbs away form the wires but couldnt they at least make half decent cuts?

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