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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Remington351, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. alldayrj

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    Don't use a torpedo. I use a 10 or 16' aluminum screeder with a 4' level where i can, otherwise i have an 8' and 6'. Use the biggest level you can
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    We don't use a level other than a line level for aggregate installation.

    For setting the base course we use a torpedo level.

    (For those who wanna be like me)

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  3. Mr. Midwest

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    i was referring to the base course being set with a torpedo level. The aggregate is height is set with a transit
  4. bigslick7878

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    You use mortar and you better be sure it is right the first time, no going back once that block sets. Shouldn't have any issues with smaller block, but for a 110ft wall I am guessing you are using the monsters. In that case the mortar has to be mixed right, slurry enough to spread but thick enough to hold the weight of that block without settling.
  5. Remington351

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    Thanks a ton for all the advice and suggestions. I think the main problem with this run was that I did not pay close attention to leveling my crusher run. I went back with the laser level and noticed that I'd be 1/4" low for 8-10ft then transition to 1/2" high for the next 20ft then back to 1/2" low for 20ft and so on. Lesson learned there. :)

    As for the mortar, for the blocks 1/2" or more low it was real easy just to slap down 2-3 trowels of mortar, flatten it, move the block in place, wiggle, wiggle, and boom(!) spot on with the laser. When I tried 1/2" of sand it always seemed to push out too easily, thus requiring lifting the 84lb versa-back-ache again, and again, and again. :hammerhead:

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