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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Ryan Lightning, Oct 1, 2002.

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    Im going to look at a baseball feild tomorrow. He said its 200' from home base to the out feild. They want the infeild mowed with a reel mowers and the out feild with a large mower. Some work will be done by volunteer work,like raking the base lines. Theyll will want extra work done also, like sprinkler repairs and over seeding. (for extra $)
    Any ideas on the square feet of the infeild, and out feild, and is how much time it should take?
  2. This might seem like a dimb idea, but did "you" go look at it and measure it?

    Have you ever though about that?

    200' from home base is a pie shape, with a radiused end.

    Lets see 60' to first, 60' to second, 60' to third, 60' to home.

    3,600 sq/ft, But I would call the infeild 75' X 75' 5,635 sq/ft.

    My guess for the infeild.

    About 20,000 sq/ft for the outfeild. 200' X 200' divided by 2.

    Simple figures, you could add the raduised end in, and minus the 5,635 sq/ft out, but this will get you close enough.

    Ooops almost forgot, the base line could be dirt and the pitures mound will be dirt, but most of the infield could be dirt.

    Best thing to do would take a measuirng wheel out and measure.

    Sight unseen is a dangerous way to guess.
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    That's not to mention the warning tracks and baselines that have to be Trioxed and manicured. If you're looking at infield care, you're looking at potential high maintenance.
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    is the ballfield area fence in? 200' from plate to outfield fence
    i would use 200 X 200 = 40,000 sq.ft. this would figure in the
    foul territory on outside of the playing area. infield area would
    be about 57'X 57' =about 3250 sq.ft. less the area for pitchers
    mound. 18' diameter circle

    ballfields are high maintenance mowing at least 2X a week.
    i've done it with a scag 3wheeled mower 52" deck
    about 1 1/2 hours. a little faster with a ztr.

    you plant it, I'll maintain it
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    Sounds like a little league field. I used to work at LL world HQ and mow the field. It took about 3 hrs. but that was with a 24" walk behind reel mower. That includes infield and foul territoy. Good luck.

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