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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by PurpHaze, Dec 23, 2005.

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    Time for a new thread. We started a new baseball field project this week. It's at one of our Middle Schools and the field is used by both a Little League and the school's 8th grade baseball team. It's equipped to handle both 60' and 90' base paths, has a smaller looking infield grass area (60') and a larger looking crushed cinder dirt area (90'). This configuration has existed for over 40 years and they've gotten along fine with it. We will install new irrigation up to the LL configuration home run fence that goes up only after the school's baseball season is over.

    The local LL is paying about $3800 of the total material cost and the school district is covering the rest. The original irrigation system was a 20+-year-old "do-gooder" project, just wasn't doing the job any longer and was fed off an old 1-1/4" galvanized line from the old days of a quick coupler system. We decided not to rely on their original wiring since it runs under new/old concrete/asphalt in two different directions and the reliability factor just wasn't there. Decision was made to install the system off a new 2" line and put in Hunter WVCs that only we have access to programming. There will also be a manual zone installed for wetting of the crushed cinder area to facilitate quicker game set-up.

    First picture: Some of the guys wiring up the Hunter ICV valves after I've set them. Gotta give credit to Leo, Todd and John for all the help over the years. Todd is also my "right hand man" and we work together on a daily basis.

    VALL Project IV-01.jpg
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    Next Picture: Two valves will supply zones between the field and the street. I had to change course on the main line to get them facing the diretion I wanted since the ICV valves only come in globe configuration.

    VALL Project IV-02.jpg
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    Last Picture Today: Valves and WVCs all set. Ready to start installing zones come Tuesday.

    VALL Project IV-03.jpg
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    Why backfill the entire thing before connecting the zone?

    Also, What size main, and when did you switch from Irritrol Centuries?
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    We always do this because we have to worry about open trenches and the possibility of safety hazards existing on school properties. We'll dig up the exit side of each valve and install zones as we go. Everything will be closed up each day.

    2" main line spur. We started using the Hunter ICVs with Hunter low voltage solenoids on these Wireless Valve Controllers instead of the Irritrol Centuries with problematic after-market LV solenoids. Seem to be working out much better and it gives us remote capability where Rain Bird TBOS systems don't.
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    Bah, if Little Johnny falls in and breaks his leg its his fault :)

    I absolutely hate working public area's, I put up caution tape and cones, but I still worry about some sue happy loser.
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    Unfortunately, constantly having to look over your shoulder is now a fact of life. :mad:

    We use cones and tape and sometimes it seems like it just attracts the little buggers. We had a little girl catch the corner of one of our drop-down doors right above the eye. Fortunately we had cones out and were absolved of any reliability.
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    OK Jon... now you've gotten my dander up! :p

    I'm getting up on my soapbox on the absolute stupidity of edukators. A couple of years ago there was a police chase where they ended up shooting a robbery suspect at an intersection that was approximately 1/4 mile from a middle school, high school and elementary school. Parents were so enraged about the district's "lack of concern" for their children that a "lockdown" procedure was implemented for security reasons. When a lock down is called for ALL district employees, students and parents on an affected site are supposed to immediately proceed into a secure building and be locked down until the danger has passed. This means that according to procedure I'm supposed to immediately drop everything and get into a secure building. Doesn't matter if I've just cut open a main line and have a swimming pool in a hole, have dangerous chemicals or tools out where anyone can get to them or have holes/trenches open or other potentially dangerous situations present. I asked during a safety meeting if district employees were therefore exempt from potential problems if someone was hurt while we were in lockdown. Three months later I'm still waiting for an answer. :cry:

    We've had lockdowns for a principal hearing gun shots on the first day of dove season and another for a reckless (or drunk) driver reported over a mile from a school site.

    Now down off soap box. :)
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    That's good. You don't want to be accused of being reliable :rolleyes:
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    Don't do that Boots. Had coffee all over the place... LOL

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