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Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by beaglegun, May 8, 2008.

  1. beaglegun

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    I have a high school baseball field I'm taking care of. It's mostly Ky bluegrass with some perennial rye. I'm thinking about adding some good, tall fescue this fall. There are several tall fescue varieties now that are dark and fine leafed.

    What is everybody's opinion on the best type of turf for baseball in north central Ky? Tall fescue, Ky bluegrass, bermuda, combinations? What varieties? The turf will be highly maintained and we have irrigation.
  2. packey

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    first off do not kentucky blues and tall fescue do not mix that well. I am not sure of you temprature range but you might be a little on the cool side for bermuda. I would stay with the kentucky blue for wher you are. and over seed with a rye blend for quicker green up. If you where further south I would say go with tif bermuda and keep it cut at just over an inch
  3. Tscape

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    Tall fescue is a ghastly! You would be doing a great disservice to any stand of KBG by introducing that course junk. Plant a test patch though and decide for yourself. (Be ready with some roundup).
  4. jsmetona

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    Up here in maryland, turf type tall fescue is frequently mixed with kentucky bluegrass. That being said, we use a fine blade tall fescue, usually the "black beauty" by Jonathan Green.

    Check out a product call turf sense by Protrust

    It is a 95% tall fescue 5% bluegrass

    As long as you stay away from contractor grade crap fescue, you should be fine

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