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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by rvsuper, Jun 17, 2002.

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    I'm about to design a baseball field, 369 in center, in about two days. I went to the Rainbird website and downloaded the baseball layouts from them, just wondering if you guys have any of your own that you can e-mail me. Thanks
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    I've done several and designed my own. Each field can be a little different. I draw the field and then use a compass to arc in my heads on aapprox 45' spacing around the perimeter. Then I fill with FC on the approx same spacing. I run main and valves down the sides off the foul lines as far as possible. Then zone feeding heads about 1/2 way in from each side. Even though others may recomend larer heads I like the Hunter I25 and I40 stainless. If you use I 25 you can nozzle the 1/2s for 5 gpm +/- and the FCs aroun 10 gpm and have a good precip rate, reasonable run time, modest water supply and reasonable construction costs. I generally use a supply good for 60-70 gpm, 3" main and 1", 1.5" and 2" laterals. No 1.25" because of the KISS rule. I've also used Spears pre-fab 1" swing joints, glue on 1 end and thread on the other. That way you can buy 2x1, 1.5x1 SxS red bushing rather than a bunch of specialzed reducing t's.

    I will never assyble anothe large system with out isolation valves on each side of the zone valves. Some fancy designers will call for one on the main side only to to isolate a section of main. But I built a large jobover the last several years where we use a toe nipple in and put of the zone valve, then a slip pvc ball valve. It will all fit in a jumbo rect box nicely. Wrap underneath with filter fabric/weed mat and duct tape to sides before backfilling. Gravel is nonsense. Also support corners of box with bricks or pavers. Cut about a 9" stub to go between main T and inbound pvc isolation valve. Gives yoyu the ablility to cut out if necessary with out going back into main. Glue type pvc ball valves mean no male adapters to seal in addition to the nipple into the valve. Still just 2 threaded connections. Pipe can always be cut on down strean side of valve and valve unthreaded if necessary.
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    I think that the variety Rain Bird gives you are the best
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    Whats the KISS rule again? I heard that before but guess I just kinda forgot it.
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    "Keep It Simple Stupid"
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    oh yeah!! "DUH":D

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