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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by spomerhome, Apr 27, 2003.

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    I have a local LMO (comm'l & residential).

    I have been asked by the high school fathers in my area (who have been maintaining the fields) to start maintaining the fields for them professionally. They want me to take a look at them and put together a proposal.

    My ? is... I haven't done this before and don't want to make any mistakes, I am fully aware of how to maintain lawns, chemicals, fertilizers, irrigation, etc., but don't want to stumble with the facts involved in the proposal and ongoing maintenance.

    A lot of the fertilizers, parts, and chemicals are being donated so I don't expect to make much (if any) money on that side of it so I want to approach it properly (also keeping in mind that my son will be playing on the team the next 4 years). Is this a potential can of worms?

    I am smart enough to know this is a different ball game (excuse the obvious pun) and don't want to get involved until I know all the facts and obstacles that I will face.

    Appreciate any and all suggestions and info any of you can offer to make sure this is a successful venture for both parties involved!

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    i have bid a couple in my area, you will find that alot of these organazations cannot afford to have them "properly" maintained it is alot more expensive than they think..
  3. Green Pastures

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    Yup, it's a can of worms.
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  5. Mueller Landscape Inc

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    If this is a mow and edge only prop, then I wouldn't worry about it. I assume this is Little League so you might be able to put up a advertizing banner on the outfield fence. Great advertizement! You could work that into the bid.

    Community service can bring lots of "good will".
  6. TLS

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    Are they stipulating applications? Or are you just assuming that?

    Sub out the applications if they are required.

    Mowing wise.... Just how MANY baseball fields? Grass infields? Fences?

    With only having 42" Walkers, your going to be there a while! Even on one field.

    Now if you had a WAM or at minimum 72" machines, I'd go for just the mowing part.

    Good Luck
  7. NC Big Daddy

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    If you have to ask you should pass on this one. Sports fields leave no room for error. But of course that doesn't seem to stop every 17 yr old and fireman. So jump on in....what can it hurt......
  8. I have 3 2 from last year one i got this year, i sub out the apps because i don`t have my applicators licence yet , I have been told that the 2 i maintained last year were the best looking in the county, the thing that gets you is you have to remove the garbage and pick up anything major , but u still get paid. Do you have to drag the diamonds? , I made a better drag out of some expanded wire mesh and angle iron , that way i can add weight to make it cut better. Dragging the diamonds can be the worst part they have to be done for monday, and wensday, and fridays .
    once i get out cuttin mine i`ll post some pics. Oh ya the county takes care of having them rolled , its nice to have it rolled. and sice you have 2 42" walkers it sould turn out fine I cut all mine with a 48" 1999 airens ztr. this year I will probably getting a 60 or 72" front mount to add to the 48"
  9. spomerhome

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    I guess I should have been more detailed.

    The fathers (of the entire high school baseball team) are currently taking care of the fields themselves. Now that my son will be playing on the team I am told by one father that they all agreed that it would be better if they all pitch in $100 (60 of them) and pay me to take care of the two fields. I will be meeting this next week with him to discuss details (of which I don't have many of at this point).

    The school has a man on site that drags and waters the infield clay areas as well as striping, etc. From what I can tell (until we meet) they just want the grass to be "green and lush", which should be no problem as long as they allow me to make sure the sprinkler system is up to par and they don't short cut me with water.

    Grass infield around pitchers mounds.

    They currently have worked out a deal to have all the fertilizer and seed for winter overseeding (warm here in winter) donated by local suppliers so I won't make a dime on the materials but will on labor. I plan on letting all chemical application to a licensed applicator I currently work with.

    Man, thanks for all the responses. Keep em coming!

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