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Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by TLS, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. TLS

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    Customer wants to rejuvenate an old baseball field for practice use.

    Infield is grown over with weeds/grass (it's been maintained by mowing), but has a Diamond-Tex base under these weeds.

    Customer wants Round-Up sprayed to kill existing weeds, then either mow close, or power-rake dead growth, and may or may not add more Diamond-Tex.

    Never done anything like this, and looking for tips suggestions that anyone has.

    Only thing visible is an abundance of clover where infield used to be, and the pitchers mound is visible.

    Was simply going to string it off and paint mark the edges and go to town with my Permagreen and some Round-Up.
  2. foreplease

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    Photos would help. Sounds like Roundup plus a pre-emergent and tilling what was the skinned infield. Is the infield area between the bases grass or is the entire infield meant to be skinned? Sounds like it will take a lot of work to get back on top of this, but killing is easier than growing. It is a shame what becomes of some of these fields. Good luck.
  3. jlouki01

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    Best bet is to hit it with Roundup QuickPro give it 5-10 days to die off. Mow it short. Till it with a nice tiller about 2-4" deep. Swap out to a nail drag and clean it out often. Finish it out with a few more nail drags and you will be set to go. Been there done this quite a bit.
  4. TLS

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    Here is an update.

    I sprayed the infield back in June with Quick-Pro in my Permagreen.

    Owner then had a landscaper come in and power-rake it. Field looked great for a month.

    Then they never kept it dragged/raked.

    Crabgrass set in (bad summer for it here in my area of SE PA) pretty bad. Thats all that they really have as far as field lawn....just junk grass/weeds.

    Had to apply round-up again mid August, and instead of another power rake job, I just mowed it LOW.

    Had I known he wasn't going to keep it raked, I would have added some sort of pre-emergent the first time.
  5. foreplease

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    Searching for something else this morning I found this and your similar thread in the pesticide forum. You're long since done, I know, but re your question about size: a full size grass infield (90' bases and 95' arc) has approximately 12,000 sf surface area of infield dirt. If the entire infield is skinned, add back the area inside the bases of course.

    It is frustrating to reclaim one of these only to see it immediately let go again, isn't it? I am racing to beat winter on a big one right now. The lip around the infield is 8"-9" high in some places. I'd like to start a thread showing that project if I can find a little time.
  6. tcjim

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    The quickest way to rejuvinate a field like this is to spray it with roundup to kill the vegetation and then use a sodcutter set as shallow as possible (1/4" or less) to remove the dead vegetation. A power rake just mixes everything together. the sod cutter is quick and clean. a york rake or harley can be used to rake up the vegetation. I did a 90' skin infield in about 6 hours. cut and cleaned up. Drag it with an infield drag or spring tine rake and its ready to go. Obviously it has to be somewhat dry for this operation. It won't work so good on a sloppy infield
  7. RD 12

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    I have had to "reclaim" infields for several years, and I have found that the easiest is using the sod cutter method described above. Take your time and it will make some really nice lines.

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