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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Field General, Jan 17, 2004.

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    I work for a small school dictrict, I am responsable to the schools baseball, softball, and football fields.I have a huge problem with the dirt infields on the baseball/softball fields. I cannot keep the weeds from growing on them. I am licensed and know of many products that I could use but none that have been labeled for this type of use. Does anyone have any ideas that could help.
  2. check surflan label
  3. Tscape

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    Is your infield mix sandy. Often schools and municipal fields don't have a proper clay content. Look for a mix with at least 35% clay to a depth of 4 inches. I understand this may not be feesable, so if Roundup can't be used, buy a diamond blade tool from Beacon ballfields and knock 'em down manually.
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    How often are you floating your fields. Our infield are a soil mix and our weed problems are generally only on the edges where the float does not reach.
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    Groom you skinned areas daily, Apply Round-UP near fence area if needed. Do not appy any Pre-E on skinned area, waste of money!

    Check your local STMA chapter. Visit with other Sports Turf Mgrs and keep asking questions.
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    Good advice. Grooming infields destroys any of the control that a pre-emergent might provide. And, if done regularly should keep the weeds from becoming a problem.....
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    The school I work for does not own the fields we play on.They are in a city park,a park that receives little if any attention from the city. Basically it works like this, we use the field during the spring for practice and games when the weather allows. Once our season is over there is no and I mean no care taken of this field.The amount of time I can spend on the field is limited to a bi-weekley mowing during the off season because i am required to be other places in the school district. This is what makes a pre-emergent a possible solution. I have considered using surflan,
    or karmax df but I am not comfortable with this, because of the label requirements. I appreciate all the ideas and am still entertaining all thoughts on this subject
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    Dude, seriously, a pre-emergent is a waste of time. Look up Beacon Ballfields on Google and buy their diamond blade tool. You can knock down weeds in 5 mins.
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    To use a prem when dragging is clearly the correct maintenance procedure is environmentally irresponsible. Tell the bosses to Drag or power rake the fields monthly at least or let the weeds grow.

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