BASF Chelated iron & hand held sprayer


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Will this kill my little echo hand held spray to spray this though my sprayer? App calls for 2oz per 1000, I need to spray 500 sq feet of turf. Thanks in advance. I have done soil drenches before , it liquidfies well in a bucket if mixed. I'm sure I will end up with a red Actually it's pretty water soluble. It should clean up , am just concerned about pump seals.


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I have not had any troubles with my hand-held sprayers. That is after several months.
And most iron products call for a very hefty dose--6 ounces or maybe 8 ounces per 1000 sqft. So therefore I added 8 liquid iron ounces per quart. I have both chelate and non-chelate liquid iron (ferrous sulfate).
True, I have had rusty-brown stains. And I have a scummy residue or precipitate in the bottom of the sprayer with the iron chelate. Not sure about the non-chelate. Plugged screens or nozzles are a possibility after a few months--my opinion.
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