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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by suzuki4life, Jan 26, 2008.

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    Hello everyone, i would like to lay a simple maybe 20' by 4' walkway in my backyard, and ive been reading alot about how to lay everything, i understand the layouts and the basic block cutting/design work but what i dont quite get is the underlaying. Does anyone have a diagram showing the layers? I live in Michigan and the ground is perfect, i just need to know how far down i need to dig, how much gravel to put down, and how much sand.

    Do i need concrete under the outside blocks? or can i use the plastic/metal barriers?

    Thanks in advance

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    All of the paver manufacturers have extensive installation manuals on there websites that outline everything with pictures.
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    you will need to excavate the site down to around 7" and make sure to level the excavated area. Next you will need to apply 4" of CA-6 base and compact making sure its level then apply your edging directly on the outside edge of the base. After this is done apply 1" of base sand, do not compact this layer of sand. Use 1" pipe cut to 4' width, lay your pipes starting at the end of the sidewalk 4' apart then apply you paving sand between the pipes and rake level then lay your screed board across the pipes and screed the sand to get to correct 1" thickness, repeat this step until you have done the whole sidewalk. Next start laying your brick from the end of the sidewalk and work back to the house. When all the brick are layed brush your paver locking sand over your new sidewalk, make sure to remove excess sand from sidewalk. Now its time to run a plate compactor over the sidewalk to lock the pavers in place, after this is done take a hose and wet down the side walk. Now its time to sit back and have a beer and enjoy your new side walk. for more information check out
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    Anyone can answer this, but I'm curious - how deep does your soil freeze in winter?

    Short-term? Weeks? A month?

    How significant is freezing there?

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