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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by guntruck, Aug 7, 2001.

  1. guntruck

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    Forgive me for my ignorance, but im a little shaky when it comes to fert. I know that a soil test is the way to go as far as this and thats what i do with all my accounts that get fert, that way lesco recommends what i should be applying and from the looks of the lawns they know there s*** because my lawns are looking very nice. My question now though is, is there a basic fert you can apply in early fall and then again in late fall that can be beneficial without doing a soil test? I would like to advertise with my existing clients a 2 step to end the season program and try and sell that service in the fall. But is there a good basic 2 stepper i can apply with good results? I will be applying a starter with my aeration adn overseedign and then a good winter fert in late fall for those accounts but the ones i dont aerate and overseed what might i apply fo those? Thanks
  2. guntruck

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    Can someone please tell me why this was moved?

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    I did not move your thread, but if you read the description underneath the pesticide forum, this is what it says:

    Discuss the pesticide and fertilizer application side of the business here.

    Fertilizer questions are best asked here.
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    Did'nt move either.

    Sounds like you have the basic "Lesco" program. Starter followed by winertizor, depending on your overall program would dictate what should be applied in early fall if you do not aerate, a starter still would be fine. I would ask the guys at Lesco who have helped thus far, that would be your best help since they are local and more aware of the conditions at your area.

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    Thanks Kirby, i was heading in that direction either way, i did find out however who moved the thread, and the reason i posted it over int he commercial forum Jody, was not because i couldnt read =) b ut because i thought that i t was better off over there due to the fact that most of those guys have fert programs and many do not visit here often and i neede an answer soon. Thanks
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    Lesco 24-5-11 w 5% Iron in Sept/Oct followed by 5-10-31 in Nov/Dec.

    I don't like anyones "winterizer/starter" ferts. They all have way more phosphorus than what we need here in NJ and not near enough Potash.
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    Not to cause a big discussion on placement of threads but I have found that the people who are well versed and knowledgable will look over the other forums.
    What I mean is that you will get better information from one or two people who respond in the Pesticide forum who really know what they are talking about versus 25 opinions that may not be all that good from the Commercial Lawncare forum.

    Sorry for taking space on this.

    Please don't move me to the off topic forum (just kidding):D
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    Thanks for the reply Mow Ed, i guess its just a matter of opinion.

    But point taken.
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    31% notrogen is great in october. Keeps the grass green and keeps you cutting longer then any one else. Just in the spring.... dont forget how much notrogen you put down in the fall.... if you put down 24%notrogen in the spring youll regret it! I use demension in the spring with the lowest nitrogen i can find in the spring.

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