basic hourly rate for mowing?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by dmolaver15, May 11, 2012.

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    It all depends on location and what the market will bear.My area will bear $40-$60/hr max.I have lost some $45 jobs that would take a full hr by $10.If I had 2 lawns side by side which I do, I can easily lower my rate and make a better overall rate.I have 2 lawns side by side in a development that usually commands $40/per yard.I do these for $30/each which combined take an hr. I take trimmer,mower and ztr off do all work and make $60/hr. I may be loballing but am making better than my regular rate.Doubt I will be underbid,plus I do the plowing in the winter..
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    i appreciate the advice i know theres a lot of different variables just looking for a good place to start. it seems at least 45 an hour and up to 60 an hour (man hour).

    my reasoning for questioning this is that i landed an account that happens to be my long time friends parents whom i know very well. they had a larger company in town (who is also known for not doing a great job and lacking their people skills) mowing their lawn last year for 45$ a cut. trimming and blowing included. i told them i would match that price, but it is taking me about an hour and a half to do the work. the other company was mowing with a 2 man crew with a zero turn and a walk behind, and i'm only a one man show with a 48" walk behind and a sulky.

    they gave me an opportunity to adjust my price because the homeowner thought that i was selling myself short for the amount of time it was taking me, so i just want to be able to give him a price thats fair to him and me at the same time
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    It's not horrible to sell yourself short if you don't have anough work to fill up the schedule every day of the week. It's also not horrible if you're not prone to letting yourself get into the bad habit of lowballing just to close a deal. That said..if they're willing to give you more money then let them.
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    dmolaver, you may be selling yourself short. On the other hand, if you were cutting that lawn with a 60" mower you could get it done in a good bit less time. Also, keep in mind that you are just getting started and will get faster with experience. Keep track of your mowing times each time you service the property to see if they improve. One last thing, is this lawn mowed weekly? If not, that is part of the problem.

    jmo, but the job you mentioned is probably worth $60.
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    Agreed where I am and I'm sure this will apply to most areas is to take a look at the nabourhood what do the properties look like what does the potential customer drive what was the quality of work done to the property before they called you and how does the customer carry them selfs try to judge what is the lowest you can do the job for what is the most they will spend then come up with a number that works
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    Over 1 acre $50 hour under 1 acre $1 a minute with no minimum.

    60" zero and 36" WB
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    Industry average is right around $42/hr. Some companies including mine can make over $60/hr while on a site but there is no way we can keep that average throughout the day. We average around $34/hr through out the day. This includes drive time, loading/unloading, restroom visits, etc.
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    This sounds about right...:)
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    Net? Gross maybe.

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