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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by hvychev77, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. hvychev77

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    Just bought a house last May. A little shy of 1 acre. I live in N. Carolina so i have kentucky fescue grass. Last fall i put out 100 lbs. of KY 31 grass seed and scott's starter fert. This year i've already put out my pre-emerg. crabgrass prev. with fertilizer and will be putting out the weed & feed in late May. I'm just wondering if that'll put me looking nice and green this year or how long it normally takes. The yard was already established it's just in need of some t.l.c. I'm planning on sticking to the Scott's annual program. I use a huskee brand 42" riding mower with a bagger. Anyone got any information on "high lift" blades and whether or not they have an application for my mower? homemade striping kits? Thanks..........BJ
  2. upidstay

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    Unless you are covered with weeds, I'd steer clear of the weed and feed. Why put herbicides on an area where there aren't any weeds? If you have a few clumps of weeds, spot spray with a liquid. Don't buy Scotts. It is crap. Find your local Lesco dealer and buy from them. Just don't tell them you are a home owner, or you'll pay retail prices.
  3. bug-guy

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    if you go to your lesco dealer and register an account you can save some $
  4. hvychev77

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    i do have plenty of weeds. The house was built on farmland and previously the land was just an open field. I have started on the Scotts program, not knowing that so many people are leary of it. I do have a lesco plant close to home too so, i'll definitely look into it. Thanks a ton!!
  5. NEPSJay

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    water, water, and more water. its one of the things that gets overlooked alot. but its key to healthy, green, lush lawn.
  6. fishinpa

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    If you can't get you hands on Lesco, look for Lebanon products.

    What part of NC are you in? I went down to Wilmington are for 6 months and didn't come back for 6.5 years. I've been back about 12 or 15 years now.

    I went back to visit and it's just not the same anymore. The planing commission should be shot for how they are laying out the roads down there now...
  7. hvychev77

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    Right now i'm living in the northern part, close to the Virginia border. Near Danville, Va. I know there's Lesco plant in Greensboro, plus i have a friend who's a landscaper who deals with Lesco products. I don't think getting Lesco will be a problem at all, plus the Home Depot carries Lesco products in Burlington where i work. So, I guess now the easy part is done!! Do you guys know anything about "high lift" blades for riding mowers? I have a Huskee brand mower, basically it's MTD., and I bag my grass. I was wondering what advantage they might offer, or even if they offer them for my mower (42" cut, 17.5 Briggs motor). Any suggestions or advice?
  8. upidstay

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    Lesco sells blades too, or try any mowing equipment dealer
  9. Brendan Smith

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    personally, i don't like to bag as the clippings offer nitrogen. clemson university has a book, something along the lines of "establishing and maintaining southern turfgrasses" (it's at home, i'm at work) which is like a southern turfgrass bible. good luck with your project.
  10. Pittsburgh Panther

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    If you mulch your lawn all year with maybe the exception of early spring(grass growing crazy) you will basicly be giving your lawn one more application of fertilizer.

    About fertilizer. I use True Green/ Chem Lawn. I love it. They come 4 times a year at about 6 to 7 week intervals. I don't have to mess around. I used to put the fertilizer on myself. I didn't do as nice of a job as true green does. I do do one applications of fertilizer in the late fall(winterizer). I buy that fertilizer from Lesco. I think it is there 18/10/18. I am not sure if those are the correct numbers but anyway it is there winterizer fertilizer.

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