Basic question - Trimmer line. What do you guys use??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by meets1, May 24, 2008.

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    I have always bought trimmer line in the spools to fit our trailers. I beleive they were 5pd spools of line. .095 which was oranga and some 105 line which was red. We use the heavier line at the cementary and a 40 acre complex we maintain.

    Well I used to buy this at a local farm supply store. Usually $25 for a spool and i would stock up cuz they always have these 17% of days and I would buy the 4 spools they had on the shelf. Well - there no longer handling the line in spools.

    So I have a few samples that I picked up at the GIE show this past fall. They are RINO-TUFF .095 green trimmer line and Supertwist magnum GATERLINE .095.

    I used the RINO-TUFF yesterday. I found it takes more line to place in the trimmer. I usually would take to arm-to-arm lenghts of the oranga stuff but this RINO-TUFF took 3 lenghts of line to fill. It seemed to work well but I want to try the gatorline as well.

    So what do you guys use?

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