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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by don3940, May 21, 2000.

  1. don3940

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    I would like to know what is the basic equipment I need to start mowing lawns. I intend to do residential mainly and probably 20 min drive between jobs. Avg. lawn size about 10000 sq ft. I will be doing jobs by myself. How many jobs is realistic for an 8 hour day?
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    Way too many variables to give you an accurate answer but I will try. Using a 48" Walk behind you can mow 10,000 sq. ft in under 30 minutes. Could be under 10 minutes to an hour on trimming. Blowing off sidewalks and cleanup under 10 minutes. Good Luck and go back and read all of the old posts that you can. You can learn more here than you will anywhere else.
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    don,<br>If you are a solo operator you should be able to maintain 8-12 yards a day. I do ten(10) with a 48&quot; WB.
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    I think we all started solo at one time. With a 48&quot; mower about 8 lawns a day. Just make sure if you can help it to keep your drive time to a minumum. Also check into a back up mower when its it your budget. Down time will kill you. A ground blower in the fall will be helpful in the fall. You might not need a trailer if you have a full size pick up. You can run a two 48&quot; mowers out of it. That money you save can buy you more equiptment. For now get at least:<br>1 Walkbehind<br>1 edger<br>1 line trimmer<br>1 back pack blower<br>Get back ups of every thing when time allows<br>Good Luck <br>Travis AG&G Lawn Maintenance :)

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