Basics for doing fert and weed control?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by PGA, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. PGA

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    If you guys could compile a list of basics for getting into the chemial side of lawn care what would it be?

    For example: equipment, prices, brands, programs.

    All in all any advice would be helpful for us up and commers who are new.
  2. lawnservice

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    #1- agronomic knowledge (dont try to learn as you go) you'll get knowledge either by working for a reputable company or from a formal education

    #2- complete awareness of the environment (its not ok to spill a few drops here and there or apply all sorts of product trying to 'cure' something your not sure of) we are good stewards of the planet

    #3- complete awareness of potential hazard (where is the pesticides going to be stored?, you dont just leave pesticides 'laying around' in the back of a pickup)

    #4- complete awareness and compliance of the laws of the states you work in (licensing, insurance etc.)

    #5- always remember number 1-4 above

    good luck

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  4. PGA

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    Thats all you need to be succesful?

    BTW I already have. 06 is my first year and Im just looking for some advice.
  5. FINN

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    Practice......a lot. Do as many lawns as you can afford, for free. Find as many different sites as you can. Dry, wet, sun, shade, new lawn, established, thin , stressed, weedy, active insect infestation. etc. Look for stuff to do and learn as much as you can from all of them .Try different products and challenge yourself. Set up a program/s and track the results. You can't do it all but do as much as you can. I called them test plots and still do. Find someone that knows more than you and kiss their ass...... a lot.

    For what it's worth that's my advice.
  6. PaulJ

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    Go visit with your nearest Lesco dealer or any other reputable chemical dealer.
    The license training should also offer some good info.

    The basic equipment includes a good commercial grade rotary spreader and a backpack sprayer. A blower to clean of the walks and drives would be good also. try to attend a local turf conference or trade show and gather as much info as you can. If you have a specific question do a search here and you'll probably find the answer.

    Good luck

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