Basics of lawn care?

We have 52 stops but only about 15 private yards, the remainder belong to 11 or so commercial contracts. So 26 bosses instead of 52.

Scheduling absolutely requires an xls spreadsheet. But I keep all my books in one and it does all the math. Add a yard to the schedule it updates all monthly and annual income. Keeps all my labor costs and shows daily, payperiod, and monthly labor percentage of income. Short version, across the top each column is a client, down the right side, 1st row Jan 1st and down 365 rows to Dec 31st. It's awesome, I should sell it.

And keep in mind this will only be second month in 17 years that I got 6 mows in one month. It usually rains in that schedule and typically we get 4 or 5 mows a month. Most I've ever mowed in a season is I think 33 or 34 times but in the past I averaged mid to upper 20's. A municipality I mow for calculates for their annual budget, and for contract award, eow mows at 14 and ew mows at 21. All my commercial contracts say or as needed based on when a reasonable person would expect to mow. We mow city's and schools and cemetery, they don't want dead grass clippings everywhere, so we mow at 5 day intervals when we can. doesn't always work out with rain outs. Last year for instance reality gave us 8 five day cycles, the rest we spaned 6 or 7 and up to 14 days between mows because of rain, and we still got 33 mows on day 1 of the schedule. It works out. So far this year we're at

5 days = 6
6 days = 4
7 days = 2
8 days = 1
10 days = 3

In week 16 we're at 16 mows. That's pretty good with 3 10 day cycles in there.


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I run two wright ZK 61" standers and 4 Deere 930R 60" ztr's all with tweels. Stihl for 111r trimmers. Two laps clockwise keeps discharge blowing to right or into property instead of on to the street like you would if you mow counter clockwise. Really windy days I might make three laps. You can cheat the laps though by only mowing the second lap up the left side and then starting back and forth rounds. This year we lost the bids on days 4 and 5 and have 3 day schedule and gross 2050 day 1, 1650 day 2, and 1720 on day 3. We mow every 5 days, (commercial mowing is great) hit 6 mows this month on day 1.
Are you running three trailers? All hitting the same lawns or split up as needed?

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