Batch of fertilizer kills lawns

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by americanlawn, Aug 6, 2007.

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    The local lawn care company blames their chemical supplier for the mistake??? Anyway, I feel sorry for all involved (lawn outfit as well as their loyal customers). As you read the article (published in the Des Moines Register on Saturday), you will see that the lawn company is doing the right thing, and their customers respect this. I just wonder how easy it will be for this company to obtain liability insurance in the future? Any of you guys have questions like I do?

    NOTE: you may have to look under "past 7 days" and click on Saturday. Then scroll down to "bad batch of fertilizer kills lawns"

  2. rcreech

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    What do you think they used?

    Why would a fertilizer contain a product that kills grass?

    I guess I am a little confused!

    Sounds like a big bill $$$$$$$$$$!
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    i bet it was labeled wrong at the factory. i once heard from a friend who bought some product from a company that looked different from the usual and called the company. i was told they recalled all the product .
    sh*t happens ( but hopefully to the other guy)
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    I hear ya. I hesitate to throw blame out, cuz I certainly do not know the facts. I just cannot beleive that a "supplier" would be the culprit. The lawn care company in question is a very small operator with very little history regarding chemicals. I feel for this company, cuz I'm guessing the mistake was made by just one person - not the company.

    This type of deal happened here years ago with TruGreen (just before they bought out ChemLawn) when they killed over 300 lawns. This event was caused when they used a soil sterilent (arsonal) instead of a broadleaf herbicide. TruGreen ended up removing the turf & several inches of soil -- then used a charcoal product to nutrulize the soil, then put in new sod. They also gave their customers "roses". They blamed the incident on an unhappy employee, but I later learned that this was not the case. That's why I have ???? in this case too.
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    Here is the correct link don't have to mess around searching.

    How does the company know it was the suppliers fault? How about one of their employees making the mistake? Something is fishy with this story. I guess once department of ag or whatever Iowa has completes their investigate to tell what substance was applied to the lawns will we know the full story.

    Ouch. They might want to get out of application business with a faux pas as this.
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    The culprit was liquid...They were spraying an Iron supplement went thru three drums. One of the drums might not have been iron or a disgruntled employee decided to add a little something to the mix.

    This could be a big finger pointing campain by the time it's resolved

    At least that is what the little birdie on the wire is saying..
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    If the product was truely mislabled from the supplier, then I am sure the small business will make out pretty good other then getting a black eye.
    The supplier would have to pay for the seeding and I am sure there would be a pretty heavy suit to cover damamges for the little business.

    If they misapplied then I bet they are not going to be able to get out of this deep hole!

    You can't apply 100 lawns two years in a row for free.....and seed them!

    Sure hope nothing like this ever happens to me!
  8. americanlawn

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    I'm sure none of us is trying to pick fault with one of our comprads. It's a sad deal until we know all the facts. But ....Iron in the middle of the summer? Plus.......why were they "spraying liquid" in the middle of a hot/dry/ drought???? I smell something here for sure, and I certainly hestitate to blame a supplier.
  9. americanlawn

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    Thanks dude for posting the exact link. :waving:
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    Years ago, when worked with Barefoot, we had a batch of granular fungicide that was tainted with Atrazine from the manufactor. Had over 100 lawns with damage. Bad news.

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