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  1. Mowman

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    How many cca's do you run in your ZTR. cca=cold cranking amps for those that didn't know. My owners manual suggest a 295cca. The one that's in it is a 230cca. Reason I'm asking is that NAPA has a Crown with 225 cca's on sale for $15.99. The 230 spins my 20HP kolher fine. Do you think the 255 would get the job done? Thanks for your advice.
  2. SMB

    SMB LawnSite Senior Member
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    I don't think it would make that much of a difference unless your mower is really hard to start or you're going to be starting it up when it's really cold.
  3. Ricky

    Ricky LawnSite Member
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    The one with less cca's may be fine the 1 st. yr, especially in warm weather. Where you will tell the biggest difference is in the second or third yr. As the battery gets older and weaker, it may not be enough to start the motor. The stronger battery may give you another year or two before you have to replace it. I have learned to pay another $10 or so for the added life and more power to turn the motor over on those chilly mornings. :)
  4. skyphoto

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    Ditto that Ricky....Never realize how important yur battery is until it dont WORK! Better safe than sorry!

  5. LJ lawn

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    just replaced my walker diesel battery yesterday.put in a 300 cca,3'd time around now.went through 2 of those 230-50 cca cheaper batteries already on this machine.those other ones just could'nt handle warmin' up the glow plugs.
  6. David Gretzmier

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    get the most cca's that will fit the hole. this goes for cars and trucks too. Dave g

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