battery drains when off

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    my 61in bunton mower with a 25hp kohler is draining power. my charger checks the battery percentage.if its fully charged and then i check it,it will drop 1% every five by the next yard i get to theres not enough power to start it.ive rigged a 80 amp fuse in the ground wire and take it out in between yards SO IT WILL NOT DRAIN but if anyone has had a slow draining problem can you please post what you did to fix it. thanks,BO
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    Sounds like it's not charging, not draining. :angry:
    By just running the mower after charging the battery, will drain it if it's not charging. Putting in the fuse wouldn't help you're charging problem.
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    Get a test meter. Set it to DC voltage. Hook it up to the battery. With engine off the voltage should be around 12 volts. After you start the engine set the throttle to full. Check you voltage then. It should read 13 to 15 volts. 13.8 volts is the standard charging voltage for a 12 volt lead-acid battery. If the voltage stays at 12 volts or drops then you have a charging problem. If you had an "off-line" power drain at the rate you are talking about you would be getting acring when you pulled that 80 amp fuse and when you put it back as well.

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