battery dying after hour straight cutting

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by roket77, Jun 7, 2006.

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    this has been aggrevating but last week,,i cut 7 houses in a row and at the last blade of grass i shut it off to clean deck and it wouldnt start,,battery appeared to be dead,,starter clicked repeatedly but wouldnt turn engine,,replaced battery and worked fine until i got back to the houses yesterday and it wouldnt start after doing those,,it seems when it runs for a period of time it wont restart,,i tested it and it is suppose to be at 14 volts? but it said 11,,it is not recharging,,it can be wires,voltage reg,,but where should i start? i dont mind spending on something that needs to be replaced but i dont want to spend on something that doesnt and being electrical,,it can be a toss up on what it is,,thanks for all help,,

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    Please read third thread in this forum and re-post.
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    Double Post?
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    Please direct me to an answer on this question. Thank you in advance!
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    Check your fuses. If fuse on the voltage regulator fuse goes it will only show the 11ish volts the battery puts out when it's "dead".

    If fuse is bad replace it and you should be going but you need to figure out why fuse blew. On Grasshopper 227s the fuse panel was open on the back side and the entire wiring/fuse panel would get impacted with mud and clippings rusting out all the connections on the back side.
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    Yes, fuse.

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