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Battery not charging?

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I have a grasshopper 1822, it is a older model, but in perfect shape with low hours. It is not charging the battery for me. I tested the alternator and the battery, and they both seem to be good. The wiring also appears to be good. Where should you guys start. I attached a wiring diagram of my machine. Thanks

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thats a pretty crude wire diagram however, i would check the fuse, check the key switch, and how did you test the altenator?
didn't see it on diagram but voltage regulator or safety switch grounding out. How many amps is alt. putting out?
amps depend on the manf of the engine, and the model. if you have good voltage comming off the alt then you need to chase that red wire and see if you have power at the end of it, then continue on till you find the fault. this is all based on the assumtion that you have load tested your battery to tell if it is good, put a multi meter on the battery with the unit running and check the voltage there.
Check your wires and connections for 90% breaks or corrosion. I had a broken wire that would show continuity but would not transfer the electricity when actuated.
it's either the alternator,battery, wiring, fuse, fuse block, or the ignition switch. because thats all thet is between the alternator and the battery.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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