Battery powered Controller/timer??

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by KrayzKajun, Jul 8, 2012.

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    greendoctor is correct. The Hunter XC-Hybrid can run Rain Bird TBOS solenoids. No problem.

    Black DC Latching Solenoid Wires = COMMON
    Red = Individual stations
    Tip on DC installations: Make good (really good!) waterproof splices.
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    Glad you keep an eye on the forum, it is nice to have you around pard.
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    The Hunter SVC and "Node" controllers are very difficult to program and are subject to water intrusion. They come with Hunter's DC latching coils attached, but you can cut these off and attach the Torro DCL's or the Rainbird DCL's.

    I have a bunch of Hunter SVC's and Nodes attached to Hunter valves. They have to be swapped out every 12 to 24 months. Granted they are in field boxes that become submerged during rainy season... but still.

    We recently installed a Torro controller on another site. After a little tweaking with the latching coils it works fine, easier to program and can be mounted above ground.
  6. cjohn2000

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    Better than a Nelson Solarrain
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    Hmm, we bought the transmitter for our TBOS sites and had no trouble with the screen. They are tricky to program, because basically they are a clock, with all the sophistication involved.
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    We took over a site that had TBOS, 4 valves, and came with the original older style programmer. We could never figure out the problem, that being why could we not get them to turn on from the controller, or even program or pull a program. So in went the Toro. Its nice to have a display to see what it is doing.
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    I never used a tbos (too spendy). I have used the toro and hunter. The toro is great and easy to program, I use it for multiple zone applications. The hunter is good for single valves, the multizone model is dificult to navigate.
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    I prefer the Toro model as well. I have one site with about 18-20 of the Hunters. When I have an issue with them, they get yanked out and the Toro goes in. Installed three of the Toros so far.

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