Battery powered equipment - 2020


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Husqvarna is by the numbers the leader in electric/battery commercial chainsaws at the moment. They are hugely popular in european and south american and african and russian block countries. I am starting to really finally see them getting used in north america(4 slow years later).

We have both the regular and top handle battery saws from Husqvarna. We are not a tree company by any means. But we cut a lot of branches and shrubs and trees up. We will never ever go back to gas chainsaws(except the very large bar length Husqvarna commercial XP saws we already have for large wood).

An example is we just took down to a few inches above ground 10 lilack bushes which were well overgrown. Average 12 feet tall and about 7 feet circumference at the base and 15 feet circumference around the tops. I used the Huqsvarna top handle battery commercial saw(T535i XP) and my other guy used the gas top handle version(T525). We did this as a comparison between the gas saw and battery saw. As we've already had a few of the top handle saws for quite awhile now. He took 5 bushes and I took 5. We are both skilled with chainsaws. Start to finish lopping the lilack bushes down to 3 feet and cutting correctly took me 15 minutes for 5 very large bushes. Yes we did have a 3rd guy pulling the downed limbs and such away from us as we worked our way around the bushes. The battery saw easily with one charge did this. Probably 30 super fast cuts or more per tree to get them down to 3 foot base. These branches were 1/4 inch to 4 to 7 inch around. On my 4th bush I stopped to check the bar oil. Was down quite a bit as it should be so I topped it up. Could have done all 5 on one tank of bar oil though.

My guy with the gas top handle saw took 22minutes. Mainly because he had to bar oil top up once and also fill the gas tank after the 4th bush.

As each bush was lopped down to 3 feet, and all that is left is large branches sticking out of the ground(between 12 to 16 per bush) and roughly 4 to 8 inches in circumference per limb, the 3rd guy using a battery powered Husqvarna(536Li XP) regular handle saw was hitting each bush lopping off the last 3 foot sections to the ground in literally 30 to 40 seconds flat per bush.

All in with clean up and bushes tossed into the Hino dumpbed(long side folded down) was start to finish 45 minutes. No stopping to gab or lolligagging around. Just work till you're done. 800 bones for that job.

To wrap this up. The battery saws are way more efficient than the gas. Far easier on the human. Even better balanced than the gas saws which I thought you could not beat because the Husqvarna gas saws were already so well balanced. Instantaneous starts. No pulling anything. No gas. No mix oils. No sparkplugs. No pistions. No internal combustion engine. No fumes. At least 30 to 40 decibels less sound. So much easier to clean the saws. And batteries take literally 5 seconds to swap out. And average 30 minutes to charge.

Final thought is that electric/battery chainsaws and all other tools like these are only going to improve leaps and bounds over what I think are great tools as of now. Husqvarna already a few months ago has new versions of these top handle and regular commercial battery electric saws on the market. We have looked over them extensively. With how well we take care of our equipment, our dealer is begging us to trade up for the new versions so he can have our used battery electric saws back to resell himself. We absutely love this new technology!