Battery Weed Trimmers

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Smallaxe, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. Smallaxe

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    I know this is kind of lame, but hear me out... :)

    I am a full-service solo operator that doesn't do a lot of lawns, as much as I do a lot,,, on fewer lawns... I've been turning down new jobs for years, unless it is something interesting and a fun challenge to do...

    So the need for a hardworking trimmer is unnecessary and the one I recently bought is already irritating me and costing me downtime and foolish trips to the mechanic...

    I know its asking a lot for anyone to admit using one, but perhaps you've heard of those folks who've actually had one and would be willing to share whether it could be worthwhile to have, 3 charged batteries for a medium load 45 minute job...

    I'm seriously considering this, so any information is appreciated... :)
  2. BPS##

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    I do not see it as feasible.

    That said I have not tried one. But I cannot see the amount of wasted time going back to the truck for a new battery....... 3 times in 45 mins.

    If your "new" trimmer is giving you that many fits then I'd suggest that the problem is in your wallet not with having a gas powered trimmer. Don't buy home owner grade equipment and it should serve you better.

    I still have a 98 redmax bc2600 trimmer I bought new. This summer I put a new gas tank on it.
    Prior to that its had new air filters and new spark plugs....... thats it.
  3. Smallaxe

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    Understood... :)

    You're right about not getting the right equipment to begin with, in that I let a fellow I've done business with forever, talked me into buying something other than Echo, because he no longer had the Echo franchise...

    So this question has more to do with: 1.) getting a new gas powered Echo, 2.) just finish up my career with the 2 piece Echo attachment system(as cumbersome as that is) or 3.) picking up a battery system that wastes less money than my last purchase did...

    Further comments will be appreciated...
  4. OakNut

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    Do a search here for "CORE Gasless".

    They make string trimmers and other items that are battery powered. They make anything battery powered that is sold in box stores look like toys in my opinion.

    I handled one and "ran" it, but didn't get to use it to trim anything.

    My 3 year old Stihl is annoying me (poor starts/stalling) to the point where I'm considering trying one.

    For light use, I don't see a huge drawback as the battery is claimed to have a run time roughly equal to a tank of gas on a gas powered trimmer.

    Have you seen the price of gas this week?
  5. BPS##

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  6. Smallaxe

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    I came up with this webstie:

    I wonder if they really have been able to produce a viable 'commercial' product???
  7. OakNut

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  8. Smallaxe

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    Yes, interesting... I would definately go with h.o. machines rather than commercial grade for the number of hours I actually put on them for the summer...

    If CORE believes they can get people to invest that kind of money in a battery trimmer than I suppose it is worth looking into... I was afraid I'd put it in the trash barrel before the first battery needed charge... :)
  9. Think Green

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    I am interested in the stihl--FSA 85 battery powered trimmer....straight shaft.
    I need two of them for the lawns that take us around 45 minutes to service all the way down to the 30 minute lawns. I am understanding that the sales side of these units tells you each battery performs for 45 minutes at full throttle. This would mean to have two of each battery on charge during the day. My larger lawn of 1/2, 3/4 and 1 acre will continue to use the 4 cycle trimmers.
    The 36 volt 160 lithium ion battery with heat and cold technology is my concern. It is supposed to quick charge and run on demand..........but I am in a hot area. Will this battery perform during these peak heat days efficiently?

    I would hope that improvements is made and field tested before I go spend 10 bills on a new technology and be disappointed.
    I wonder if the money saved in fuel--mix is justified from drive time and frustration!

    I even thought about the battery operated hedge trimmers.............after reading, i can't help but think that each of my jobs requires holding a trimmer for at least an hour before putting it down. My combi units both go for a couple hours each before putting them down.
    Don't see the money saved in labor, etc. yet..............could be wrong though!

    Maybe for big grounds that do not travel to work will profit from these units. We guys that travel and rely on mobile self contained units will find it hard to change over completely.
  10. Duekster

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    I think they could be good for some applications but a true commerical account would need several batteries and chargers.

    We saw some guy with some hedge trimmers on this forum. He had a backpack full of batteries.

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