Battle of the 1 Ton Dump Trucks Ford v. Chevy, Electric v. PTO, Manual v. Auto

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by BuffaloLandscaping, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. BuffaloLandscaping

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    Hi All Again,

    I hate to bother you guys with another truck question but here it is for those who wish to respond. Just learned that I pretty much have to have Commercial insurance so a dump truck is a feasible option for me again. It would have to be a 1 ton & not larger due to zoning in my town & I just don't need larger as I won't be hauling anything all that heavy/ not towing anything heavy. I don't want smaller either as I want a DRW dump truck (SRW dumps just seem odd to me).

    As in my last truck post, I have bias towards Ford but will not be plowing with a dump truck as I'd rather get a better deal on a 4x2 (fine 6x4 :)) so the Chevy's IFS may be less of an issue. Again, Dodge is not a consideration nor is a diesel (gasp). ;) I'd like to spend between $4-7K, ideally so I'm throwing-out vehicles that fit that range.

    I'd like opinions on the following:

    1993-97 Ford F350 4x2 Dump
    1995-99 Chevy C3500 Dump (Chevys seem to be cheaper hence newer range & I hate the pre-95 interiors so the only way I can stomach a Chevy is 95-00)

    350/351 v. 454/460

    Auto v. Manual

    Electric v. PTO

    Assume original engines 100 - 125K for the above examples. I'm just looking for pros/cons on each as I think this is a little fairer fight than the plow trucks.

    Thanks for the thoughts,

  2. stuvecorp

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    A 450 looks the same as a 350 but with way more capacity, would think that is a better option. I would go with an auto and just get the electric hoist, not like you are hauling like a big truck. Try to save up more and get a newer truck if you can.
  3. BuffaloLandscaping

    BuffaloLandscaping LawnSite Member
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    The problem with a 450 is it will be stored in my driveway & is technically not allowed due to zoning restrictions banning over 1 ton vehicles. In my neighborhood there are several 1 ton vehicles in driveways but nothing over 1 ton so I'm not gonna push it. Also, I simply don't need it.

    My qualms about electric is the speed, I only have experience with electric & it was definitely slow. I have heard PTO is significantly faster but in the trucks I'm looking at, it seems electric is predominant.

    Eventually, I'd love to have a new(er) truck but I need to start small (cheap) & work my way there. Thanks for the reply.

  4. stuvecorp

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    My 450 has electric telescopic hoist and seems faster than the 350 with a electric scissor hoist. I have used the 450 on sites as a haul truck but for the most part it wasn't that bad. I don't like those rules with 'work' trucks in developments.
  5. BuffaloLandscaping

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    Thanks for the input on the electric hoist. The rules apply to the entire town, not just developments. The neighborhood I grew up it was really bad with the only guy having a work truck hiding it behind a fence because he thought people would say something. My current neighborhood is very blue collar so people would never say anything but I don't want to draw any unneeded attention to myself. ;)
  6. Swampy

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    Personally look a old FSuperDuty, commonly a 4x2 in a 5spd, for that time frame which is basically a F350 on roids really and a PTO scissors will out power a electric dump in those commonly in those years. But I believe they are only availble in the 7.3L Diesels, Gravel Rat will probably correct me but a FSuperDuty was only about 1,000lbs heavier for those years as well, just compare it to todays standards.
  7. BuffaloLandscaping

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    OK, OK. You've convinced me to look at an F-Super Duty after my initial resistance. :hammerhead:

    '93 - '97 F- Super Dutys were all 4x2 & either a 460 or 7.3. I also believe they weren't that much heavier but I do wonder about insurance because they are over 1 ton. Anyone know how that affects insurance??


  8. J&R Landscaping

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    The commercial insurance is decently cheap. It shouldnt be much more to insure a superduty over a 350.

    Some of the older C3500's had a 15000 GVW so I would look at one of them too!
  9. BuffaloLandscaping

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    Thanks for the info on insurance. I know the truck you speak of the C3500 HD, which to me is a weird truck in that it is considerably less popular (as is the 454 in general & a 6.5 diesel I would never consider, ever) than the F-Super Duty & the execution is a little off as well. The filler panel between the bumper & grill always seemed like hackery to me but again, I'm somewhat biased. :):rolleyes:

    Thanks for the suggestion though.

  10. Albery's Lawn & Tractor

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    I think if your gonna stay in that budget range to just take what you can get. Superduty are great trucks for what they are.

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