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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by SystemXpert, Apr 1, 2003.

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    I have a question for the experts. I have a 1 acre lot in South Carolian that I have been renovating for the past year. I have been following the Lesco Cool-Grass program. I aerated, topdressed, and overseeded in september. I have done 3 fertilzer apps since then:

    28-5-12 in Nov.
    34-3-11 in Jan.
    19-3-7 + Pre-M in Late Feb.

    My grass has greened over and thickened up like never before. I mean it has never looked this good. There is only 1 problem. WEEDS! However, not nearly as many as last year. Only a handful of broadleaf weeds. The thick turf is really keeping the weed population down. But, I still have a fair amount of chickweed and clover.

    The folks at Lesco have told me to stay away from weed & feed and just use a liquid good selective to wipe out the remaining weeds. The only problem is I don't want dead patches appearing in my lawn where the weeds were. I have already treated with Pre-M in Feb and plan on putting down another round in about 2 weeks, so seeding right now is not possible.

    So how do I get rid of the weeds without creating thin / dead spots in the grass. Should I wait until I fertilze again to kinda simulate the weed & feed effect ? I already hand weeded the few large broadleafs I had, just chickweed & clover are left.

    Any ideas ?
  2. curious,

    How many lbs/1000 of each product did you apply?

    I treat with a liquid herb that lesco recommend, and not worry about bare spots left from killing weeds. I suspect the turf is over stimulated going into heat, not enough k and fe for stress thats coming. Probably loss some turf!

    What did you overseed with? what did you use for topdressing, and how did you spread on 1 acre?
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    Whoops Let me clarify.

    The lot is 1 acre but only about 1/2 acre of grass when you subtract out the area of the house and the islands and trees.

    I topdressed with a combination of Sand + pelletized compost (The stuff from planet green). I have been using a Lesco Commerical spreader and putting down fertilizer according to the spreader settings on the bag. I'm not sure of the exact lbs/1000 sqft, but I always have some left over. Here is the program I'm following:

    18-24-12 in Late Sept. ( aerate +Topdress+overseeed)
    28-5-12 in Nov.
    34-3-11 in Jan.
    19-3-7 + Pre-M in Feb.
    19-3-7 + Pre-M in April.
    5-10-31 in June.
    20% Granular Iron in July.

    I overseeded with Lesco Transitional Blend.

    Does that help ?
  4. A little, very little!!!!!!!

    how much material of each fert are you buying?

    How much of each material left over?

    Important to know how much fert applied / 1000 sq ft!

    I think you should get an accurate measurement of lawn area!!!!!!!!
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    You'd be suprised how much grass you have under the weeds.
    If you say they have been minimized by your treatment program,
    then you are on the right path!

    Pre-m only controls or prevents a few broadleaf weeds ( not
    clover or dandelion) and many grassy weeds. You still need a
    broadleaf control such as 3 way or momentum. With a liquid product, you can spot treat the weeds only. Liquid broadleaf
    control is usually more effective, less costly and better for the treated area than the weed & feed products.

    Please take a close look at the labels on all lawn care products.
    You can answer many of your questions by doing this!

    " When all else fails, read the directions"
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    i agree wih lordo.. we use the same program. and if you dont have a tremendous amount of weeds now .. when you put the spray in you wont have any bare spots.... i dont know what they recomended to you but we use momentum/trimec mixture with alot of success..
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    Spray the weeds. Pre-m's will help but most allow 10% or so next year you should have 10% of the weeds you have this year and so on. The weeds you have now should be killed asap so they don't drop more seeds, the better control you get now the less of a problem you have next year.

    PS, I have not used weed & feed in about 5 years.
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    Here is an update. I am putting down about 3lbs per 1000 sqft of fertilizer when I do an application. I always have about 1/3 of a bag left over which is about right for the size of my lawn.

    I tried using good old Ortho weed B Gone selective and it didn't work so well in the areas I tested. The weeds only turned yellow sporadically. I actually just started pulling some of them out by hand.

    I don't know the name of the weed, but it makes small light green stems with little leaves. I'm going to take a sample to the Lesco folks and see what they recommend.

    Thanks Everyone for your responses.

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