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    Back in may, While cleaning out the shop We Were selling .I came across quite a few bags of lesco bayleton...It has to be at least two years old ,but not completely sure. It and the shop Were not ours. My question is, if it is that old; do you think it might have lost some of it effectiveness?
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    It should be good, but I would put it down at the high rate. No need to go more than label rate. However if it has gotten wet I wouldn't trust it. when you open the bag and it is not clumped or solid it should be good.
  3. 6'7 330

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    Thanks ric, No busted bags, all bags still sealed up.

    We have quite a few with a history of dollar spot. So it might be on the safe side ,to apply at curative instead of preventative rates.
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    I will e-mail you a link to my website. If you like what you read there, save it to your Computer. I must take it down after the prepaid runs out. By legal agreement of settlement of a law suit with the 7th largest Green Industry corporation. Darn I hate Corporate America in general. They are killing the small business man.
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    E-mail my way too, iffin you don't mind.
    or forget :sleeping:
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    Same here Ric if you be so kind :)
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    Ric- Can you add me to the list?

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    I wanna see...
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    Ric, Just post a link for all of who want to see it... Joe
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    OK Gang

    I started writting this about 5 years ago and never finished it. I have added lot information which I planned to put up, But NEVER did. Therefore there is almost a full books worth of information I have been working on, off and on and never got a chance to put up. I am toying with the Idea of putting it all together in a book forum and selling it.

    Please under stand the poor grammar is mine and I wrote it. Grammar is not my long suit. BTW I formally did business under the name Yard Doctor Landscaping, not Yard Dock. But Lawn Doctor of New Jersery would sue me agin if I used any Medical related terms in my Business name. But They can't touch a natuical term. :D

    BTW Under Copyright laws you can not copy of reuse this material. Enjoy the information for your own use.

    Ric's website

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