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BB-Q help


LawnSite Senior Member
neighbor by foreman wants a bbq grille. we designed an idea using cinder blocks as a frame firebricks inside.
planning to cover out side cinders with black x-30 mortar and speckling with chiped out flagstones.
gonna pour a foundation 5' sq
never delt with bricks or mortar before, i have read this past monthquite a bit
originally was gonna sub now feel confident in doing the work
could i be getting in over my head any pointers or precautions thanked and welcomed:confused:


LawnSite Bronze Member
Work with the product at your shop or home for a few hours before you start at the customers just so you don't look like you don't know what you are doing.


LawnSite Member
bigfork montana
Best advice I've heard in a long time!! I figured that one out on my own- probably due to my insecurity and not wanting to look like a jackass in front of a customer! ( I'd rather them think I'm a jackass, then let them see me doing it wrong, and removing all doubt!)


LawnSite Bronze Member
Yes its bad enough when you really know what you are doing and have to think out a problem with the customer there, but when you dont have a clue what you are doing that could be real embarassing.