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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by causalitist, May 7, 2008.

  1. causalitist

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    what about that planet network? do people actually search there for companies? what about the better business bureau? do people actually search that for companies(prolly old people hahaha)?

    or are these just logos you can have on your website/ad to look more professional? would you say they are worth it? i think im looking at about $750 to be a member of both... could do 7500 flyers for that ahahha
  2. Isobel

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    I joined the BBB last year, from there I get referals and "potential customer" emailed to me on a regular basis. I also get to put their logo on my truck, and our website.

    Its helped reel in a few clients, and helps hooks other ones when they see we're part of the BBB.
  3. zz4guy

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    I think they're both quite stupid. Whom of your customers has even HEARD of Plantet, let alone turning to them for a lawn service. Same goes for BBB. I had a sniveling ahole jerk call me yesterday from the BBB. His first sentence was "We are from the BBB and would like to speak with the owner of this company" My first reaction was oh crap what did I do? After I told the guy I wasn't interested he told me I didnt think I knew who I was talking to because being on their list is so special and I should jump at the chance. Give me a break I told him to send the **** in the mail and hung up. Just another beauracracy out for your hard earned $$$.
  4. jwillaford

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    A couple of thoughts:

    PLANET is more for the landscaper than the customer. They are a network of professionals interested in the industry. It does however bode well for companies to be apart of a professional organization. This is especially true of commercial work.

    BBB is about accountability. It says to the customer that you have nothing to hide. It gives people the comfort of knowing that you're not a "fly-by-night" outfit. They also offer arbitration between you and the disgruntled customer. It is definitely better to do this with the BBB than in a courtroom.

    In a practical sense, both of these organizations offer member benefits in areas of workman's comp, health insurance, etc.

    I think both are a non-negotiable.

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