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Well... I will be updating this picture thread periodically throughout the year.

Here's some info about my company and where I plan to take it -

BBC Lawn Services is entering it's first year of business. In 2011, I did some lawn work with a friend of mine. We decided to try and start a company focusing on the landscape management side of the industry. I am now the sole "owner" of the business.

Being that I'm still pursuing my true "job" (getting an education) the business is meant to be run more on a part-time type time schedule with the majority of the work being in the summer when I'm not in school. I'm home schooled so my teacher allows me to do both work and school in the overlap time. (with in reason.)

My Dad is technically the owner etc. of the company because at 15 I can't own a business or checking account etc. They still get to tax me thou... not quite fair. :laugh: Employes consist of my younger brother. (I like to throw him on the weed eater :laugh:) He loves seeing me ride around on the ZTR...
I've got a couple of good friends who like to help out as well. I need them mostly because they can drive. The business is kind of on a tight rope right now because I can't drive... soon enough that inconvenience will be gone. (family and friends breath a sigh of relief)

Here in a couple weeks, I'm going to be buying insurance and getting my DBA etc. I've choose to run my company legally even thou its more expensive I feel as thou it's the right move.

I plan to run the company tell I become of age to pursue a farther education. I will than either pass it off to my brothers (most likely) or dissolve it. I don't think this is the job I would like to pursue the rest of my career but you never know! If it hits off big, I may continue to pursue it. I don't really see my company getting any bigger than a one crew kind of deal any time soon. I would rather be able to manage that and work as a laborer than try to expand etc.

There ya are! Feel free to ask any questions on the management side of my business etc. if you would like. I've seen a lot of great picture threads of larger companies but there wasn't much out there of smaller company/solo guys so I decided to start my own thread! Hope you find it helpful/entertaining etc.

If I can find them. I will post a few pics to start it off of some of the foreclosed houses I took care of. They have you mow in the winter lol Fine by me! :laugh:

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Here's one of the foreclosed houses I manage. Before and after of the the side and back yard. Back yard is a pain to mow and weed eat. Half way completed pond, flower beds sticking out everywhere, path way etc. Not a bad house. Did a clean-up on the inside as well. I think it was like 36 degrees when we did this!

House Pictures 078.jpg

House Pictures 062.jpg

House Pictures 076.jpg

House Pictures 063.jpg

House Pictures 074.jpg