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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by gusbuster, May 29, 2002.

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    Just wondering if any of you that own a BCS tiller, if any of you have purchased and tried their trencher attachment?

    Is it a decent trencher? Is it hard to swap out from tiller to trencher?

    I currently own a model 720 and love it. Handles anything that I throw at it.

    I'm considering the attachment vs. a dedicated machine due to space limitations that I have both in my yard and on my truck. Using a trailer and truck in the areas I work is not a viable option due to limited width of roads and parking.

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    I didn't even realize BCS made a trencher, so I can't vouch for its durability or effectiveness... but they do make a "quick hitch" for $179 you get a flange for the tractor and two tangs for two attachments. One flange on your tiller and one on the trencher... you could go back and forth in seconds.

    I know the tiller is well made... I have put about 80 hours of hard tilling on it so far this year. I looked at the brush cutter attachment the other day and it looks very heavy duty as well. I'd be suprised if the trencher wasn't well made.

    You might want to get wheel weights if you don't have them allready. They really improve traction and cut down on tine-walking.


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    Check out this site. They have a non BCS trencher attachment listed with the Rotary plows in the attachment section. Other interesting stuff, too.

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