Be careful around water

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by MullumMow, Jun 25, 2014.

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    3 years ago we had a colleague here in my area slide into a creek and drown as he ended up under water with his machine on top, took almost 24 hours before he was missed and a search initiated. Later I were hired to finish his job there, stayed well clear of the water.

    This last Friday early morning a greenkeeper on a JD 2500E went into a waterway. This happened near Copenhagen Denmark but can happen anywhere.

    According to the newspaper report they had a brief spell of heavy rain while preparing the greens for a 9am game, the mower started to slide and before the driver could get off he was sitting in 9 feet of water and with his jacket tangled in some part of the mower, but he managed to get clear and swim to shore. Later a diver had to go attach a cable from a tow truck from the opposite side of the water as the incline was almost vertical where he dropped in.
    Pictures show the JD tires has no threads, reportedly so as not to make marks on the greens.

    There are some pictures showing the recovery at a local papers site, I don't want to get in trouble with copyright so you will have to go and see for your self.
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    Worked on a golf course last summer and just in one season someone ended up in the drink(s) 4 times. One was a walk-behind greens mower, one was a sidewinder, one was a triplex greens mower, and the last one was a big rough unit. We had to bring in the backhoe to get all of them out except the walk-behind greens mower.

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