BE Careful guys....ya never know!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by meets1, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. meets1

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    66 year old guy died yesterday at our local golf course. He was running a john deere greens mower. It was slightly raining, wet and he was mowing next to a small river that runs through the course. He got to close, slide off the embankment and tipped the mower over with him trapped under it all while being in the water. Not sure if he drowned or weight of machine but either way they found part of his upper body submerged in the river. He has worked at the course for a while. Knew the mowers, the river, the embankment etc but just like that. So no matter how many hours we spend on a machine, or how many times we may have mowed that place, things happen!
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  2. jonnyz37

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    Why I'm a fan of stand on Mowers
  3. Charles

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    Mowing near bodies of water or anything dangerous. Customers: can you get any closer? No. Once you do them the more confident you get. The more confident you get the more temptation is to get closer to the edge of disaster. I do some steep slopes, Just not ones where one slip up and you are a goner. Just not worth any amount of money. A lot of times fear is the minds built in mechanism to keep you from doing something that will injure you or kill you. So fear can be a good thing
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    That's horrible. Stuff like this happens all the time. It is always either: mower flipped over while trying to cut an incline or next to water. Sucks, what a way to go.
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    They flip over too. Fall off high drop offs, etc.
  6. jonnyz37

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    Take one step back and your clear. Stand on mowers have to be several times safer than sit down ztr's.
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    Absolutely true in a rollover event.
  8. Groomer

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    really guys? you gonna turn this thread into a ZTR vs. stand on rant?
    a guy's dead for crying out loud.
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    It's sad and a reminder that we work and live in a dangerous unpredictable world:dizzy:
    Standers you could fall off or slide on a hill and still get hurt or run-over
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  10. weeze

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    if you start sliding down into water you better find a way to jump off the mower i don't care what kind of mower it is. sling the control levers out and jump off the platform. if you try to hang on and ride it out you are gonna die. we hear these stories every single year on here. water/mud and mowers don't mix.

    if you start sliding sideways into water you are better off to turn the mower and go in straight forwards. that way it will not flip over on top of you.
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