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Be careful


LawnSite Silver Member
Central CT
Why worry about things beyond your control? Just tack a price increase on next year to cover inflation and a new mower.


LawnSite Member
yup, reg is 1.45 here diesel 1.60, I bet money on, it will be 1.52 tomorrow. I can home from work and seen oil went up 2 something per barrel, went and filled everything up tonight. Its not going down till the mideast settles down and I'll bet on that too.


LawnSite Gold Member
What gets me is they raise the price on the gas thats been sitting in their tanks before the new load is delivered. They haven't paid the higher price for their stock yet but we get hit the minute oil goes up. Don't seem right to me.



LawnSite Senior Member
That's alright, Homer. I sometimes raise my prices w/o my costs going up, too, in anticipation for the need for extra money. ;)

Hey, unrelated to this theme (but related to this topic's title), be careful out there if you're superstitious.

It's Friday the 13th!