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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by palawnman, Mar 1, 2007.

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    >>"There is no law saying you only have to post your own pictures."

    © US copyright law, copyright infringement, and secondary liability, those who assist and facilitate copyright infringement are liable just as those who actually commit the acts of infringement.

    >>"You should "google images".
    If you swipe images from google, get written permission before using them on your web site.

    Stock photography - ho hum, boring.

    Everyone should use their own photo's. Remember, its a portfolio of "your" work. I'm tired of seeing the same stock photo's on everyones sites. A website should reflect your work, what you have to offer. Create a company image that makes you stand out from the crowd!

    Personally i think testimonials are a waste of space. Never read a statement that sold me on product... but a picture is worth a thousand+ words.
  2. dKoester

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    Some of those pictures made me want to jump in the picture and fix some things.
  3. Ecoscape01

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  4. Bill S

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    Need to work on the navigation bar, put it either on top or on the side.

    You also need help with SEO. If you have a website and no one knows about you really have a website?
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    Microsoft or someone like that, had a free gallery for presentations - at least last fall. Not sure how I accessed the URL. Found a couple of photos for a web page for the tree care and landscape design classes I was doing.

    Hey - here's what you need for lawn care - an image of a golf course I worked at in Portland. This is the green you are after.

  6. mdvaden

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    See the thread I just started.

    About the photos from the MSN site - not the left menu, but at the bottom of the page for the link.
  7. mcwlandscaping

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    Your pics make me really like black mulch even more! It's becoming more and more popular here all the time
  8. Adam's Lawn and Garden

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    Ok, here are a few things i noticed.

    1. Change the background colors to green type color than chocolate brown. Maybe a black and green. or two shades of green.

    2. On the opening shot you have your pic at the bottom. Move it up to the top and have the text follow. the pic will take the persons attention and be like danngggggg that looks good. And use the best picture you have.

    3. Finish the testamonials.

    4. I do like how the pics are tilted in the album section. but allow the people to zoom in or have it be a link to more pics of that job.

    just a few things i think would make it pop!

  9. palawnman

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    Thanks for all the feedback everyone...we are going to be in the process of making changes (kinda happening slowly). I am pretty much at the mercy of my wife, she is doing everything with the site. I only give my opinions, I have no knowledge of web site building, its all on her but unfortunately she has own business to run, so time is of the essence. All opinions have definitely been appreciated...

    Thanks again:waving:
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    You're so full of crap.

    If it was illegal we woudn't be able to post any pics online.

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