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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by palawnman, Mar 1, 2007.

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    Are you saying USA copyright is crap?

    Read my message again. I'm talking about swiping copyrighted images, not about stock photography in which limited usage rights are granted for a fee.

    "If it was illegal we woudn't be able to post any pics online."
    Moran, You can post your pixs online, you own the copyright.
  2. H2O

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    Funny. Obviously you do not understand copyright.

    Yes, you, i, or anyone can swipe a photo and post it here or in another forum. You infringe on copyright when its used for commercial gain.
    Get it?

    I dont know why you're being an ass.
    I was simply warning the original poster about potential copyright issues.

    Can you put on your big boy pants and get back to the topic now?
  3. Vikings

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    Well you are right, of course, but I guess I was thinking of the small timer who doesn't have any decent photos (like the thread starter) and who's website would be lost within billions of web pages.
    There's a big difference between googling images and inserting Jurassic Park video in your own Hollywood movie.

    Have you actually copyrighted your pics?
  4. mdvaden

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    I was reading a Photography forum, and I don't think that images have to be "copyrighted". It looks like they are like other original work, like writing, which does not have to be copyrighted.

    When its first produced, it becomes copyrighted at that moment. So I don't think that documents or images need to be watermarked.

    That's one of the handy aspects of digital image files being embedded with the camera and date information.

    Even when I've cropped and edit images, and saved as a smaller NEW file, when I gave some to Wikipedia, their computers still displayed my Camera and date of image on the page. I found that interesting to see.
  5. H2O

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    >>mdvaden, Thank you. You are correct.
    The moment an image is captured by a camera, it inherently is copyrighted. Registering a © will assist your rights in a court of law.

    "There's a big difference between googling images and inserting Jurassic Park video in your own Hollywood movie."
    That is not correct, it again is bad advice. Small timer or big Hollywood, there is no difference, both are equally protected. Whether the image is posted to a small company web site or used in a Hollywood production, no difference. The image is property of the © owner. Its not your property to take.

    What you stated, is the same as saying...
    If you are a small time landscaper with no money, you should just go steal tools, rakes and shovels from a large landscape company.

    Yes, that image is copyrighted and registered.
    It belongs to the company whose web site you swiped it from.
    That company purchased all rights to the image, it now is thier property.

    I dont want to get into a long, off topic debate. I just wanted Ron (thread starter) to be aware of potential © issues.
    If one can not afford to hire or purchase original images of their own work... stock photography is an affordable option. But stock photos are everywhere and do not represent one's own job sites or installations.

    Think of it this way. If you have been in business for a while, and plan to continue to be in business... a professional web site and photography is a small investment that will be quickly recovered by 1 or more jobs sold through the web site.

    My general opinion: A poorly designed web site with losey photos does not make a good first impression, specially if your competition has an impressive site.

    Know what i mean?
  6. Vikings

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    That's why I wonder about Just Mow It's new site, it's extremely simple but people like it because they get all the info they need in two minutes. The only picture of work he uses now is a luxury estate that has been mowed with a 60" mower. It's a nice pic but they only use 21" mowers.:nono:

    But the guy is rich and has 3000 customers.:weightlifter:
  7. Vikings

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    No. What I was trying to say is that YOU are not going to go cross country suing people, who are basically judgment proof, because they stole a couple of your pics which are not copyrighted and which cost you nothing to produce and which you put out in the public domain.

    But Steven Spielberg, if you used his video, most likely would. Because he has deep pockets.

    I have always used pics on my flyers (and soon to be website) from google image search.
  8. palawnman

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    Again thanks for all the feedback. Unfortunately, I have had some personal stuff come up thats really slowing down the website process.

    I can see where both of you guys are coming from, I didnt mean to start some sort of big argument. I have definitely thought of using stock photo's but I think that I am just going to wait and take pics of my own work...I would never want someone to see pics on my web site and think its my work and its really not. Thats just my personal opinion. We really kinda threw the website together at the last second (even though we had all winter to do it). I should have planned better for it (with pictures), but now it is getting pretty busy and tough to work on it. I really wasnt expecting to get alot of business directly from the site, at least online business. I just liked the idea of when I put my ads in the paper that I could make myself stand out more by having a website. I have had great success with my ads in the paper, and wanted a little extra help to stand out even more. Eventually once time permits it, we are going to really have a better plan for the site.

    Thanks again.

  9. haybaler

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    maybe it's different in canada. But H2O is exactly right. you have to be very carefull using other peoples pictures. many are copywrighted, but also what if somebody took some of YOUR pics off your website and used them as there own. not cool.
  10. Michael J. Donovan

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    PLEASE DO NOT post pictures of other people's would be much appreciated...thanks

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