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    it only takes a moment of stupidity... now the question is how does the lawsuit pan out...

    Gregory Malsam, 17, was trimming a tree for a neighbor Tuesday when he was electrocuted by a power line the 4200 block of Berritt Street in Fairfax.

    Mohammed Saleh remembers hearing the wail of a siren Tuesday night. According to authorities, Malsam was helping a neighbor trim a tree with a power saw when he was electrocuted.

    Authorities suspect that 19,000 volts from a nearby power line may have passed through a branch and into the teenager's body.

    A fire spokesperson said Tuesday Malsam did not have a pulse when medics arrived. He was revived but later died at the hospital.

    According to friends and neighbors, 17-year-old Greg Malsam loved electricity. His family said he wanted to be a lineman for Dominion Power when he grew up.

    The family's backyard is a testament to Malsam's love of all things electric. The rising high school senior started creating an expansive art project of fake power lines, antique insulators and city signs when he was just 9 years old.

    His family said off camera that Malsam had a profound respect for electricity and that he knew its dangers. The safety manager for the city's tree trimming service said residents should use licensed workers.
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    Yikes, that sucks.

    I get people all the time that want to work for me under the table and I refuse to let them, no matter how small the job is I'm working on.

    All it takes is one misstep and you can blow out a knee, break an ankle, etc... And I don't have workman's comp yet to cover it.

    It just sucks that in this situation it led to someone dieing. As a business owner, I don't know what I would do if someone died on the job. It would probably be the end of me.

    I can only imagine how the neighbor feels...............
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    In my part of Va, Dominion clears the trees before they even get close to the lines. I have a Oak in my yard (8 to 10ft in diameter) and they have chopped half of this tree off. It's very old and VERY strong. But I'm scared that since all the weight has moved this thing will uproot and fall onto a busy road. It's at least 80ft tall.

    That is a shame about his death. Even he should have been aware of what was going on and at least called a professional.
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    I've been saying this all along.

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