Beach front property re-sod


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Client has a very small vacation home on the beach. Wants to re-sod the front area (only about 1500 sq ft) as the current turf is pretty much gone. No irrigation, much older home.

The question is... What variety of turf would you recommend and how would you handle it ( implementation strategy and cost factors)?


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For such a small area I would install a simple irrigation system and use St. Augustine if it were my home. That small of an area you could probably set up heads in the beds with garden hoses and not even have to trench it, zone it, or do anything fancy.


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Thanks guys,..:)

I think the client will just want to re-sod with St Aug. As she has just made her mind up to re-sod every four years or so. (as she has done for XX number of years) She will not want to irrigate at all, again her set ideas.

But I wanted to have the ideas on the correct way to handle it so I could at least offer it to her. try to up-sell!

the area is on the inland side of the property. The back of the house is all patio, deck pool... and wood dock walkway to the beach.

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