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    Does anyone use these? I lost a dust cap and I'm considering buying these.

    While were talking about bearings, how often do you grease the bearings in your trailers?
  2. herler

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    I use them, greasing them is a bit of a trick but I try to do mine about once a year.

    Technically that's probably far too often but I can also tell you that you don't want those bearings to go out,
    more so because if it takes any of the spindle with it they are pricey and tricky to replace.

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    It happen on my 6x12. A bearing went out on one side blew the dust cap off and then the other. My tires turned inward and I was smoking down the road. By the time I stopped the bearings ate up the spindle.

    I dont want this to happen to my 6x16.
  4. Premier GreenScape

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    We run them on our boat trailers on the gulf coast. The Gulf has some of the highest salinity levels in the world. Three pumps per axle to push out any water and head down the road.

    I don't run them on the small mowing trailer I use currently. But in my experience of dragging trailers allover the country, there are two good ways to lubricate, oil bath or bearing buddies. When I move up to a larger trailer I will get them.
  5. Lawn Pawn

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    Just for the record...Bobcat... Skilsaw.... Kleenex.... Bearing Buddys. NOT ALL THE SAME.

    The only good bearing lubing system has a zerk in the end of the spindle, with a hole running through the spindle..... all the way to BEHIND the inner bearing.

    The grease pumped in as you rotate the wheel....purges the old grease out the front. You know all is well when you see clean grease!
    Wipe out all the excess and reinstall the rubber cap. You be good.

    Not the "Bearing Buddys" that have a zerk in the grease cover and blow the rear seal out when you pump-em full!

    Just saying.
  6. Premier GreenScape

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    Never seen another kind but good point. It is also easy to tell when a seal is going bad with them. If one spindle takes significantly more grease you can change it now or on the side of the road.
  7. Big C

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    My trialer dealer doesn't reccomend Bearing Buddies for lawn trailers, because people are fooled into thinking that they do not need to repack the bearings and pump those suckers full of grease and evetually blowing out the rear seal. I repack my bearings once a year instead and have removed my bearing buddies.
  8. norsky

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    Very will blow the rear seal out. best to repack.

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