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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by crs, Mar 21, 2001.

  1. crs

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    I am still not sold on the double blade idea. I have read all the old threads I could find, but I am still left with a few questions. What happens if the lower blade hangs out from under the deck, this does not appear very safe. Also, what about notching the blade saddle to accept and locate the lower blade, it seems to me that full contact between the two blades (vs. a washer) would offer better support to both blades as well as decrease the chance of slipping.

    I still need to be convinced as to how well this set up clears wet grass from under the deck.

    Has anyone tried doubles on an Excell 251 or Shortcut? If so I would appreciate some feedback.


  2. Runner

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    As far as the lower blades actually sticking out from under the deck (being lower than the edge of the deck) I don't know of any deck that this would occur on. If it DID occur, then there MAY be some questions already as to why a design would be with less than 1/4" of clearance in the first place. As far as machining the cradle to accomodate another blade crossways, I believe I was the first one to do this, other than factory setups. When we did this, it ALLOWS both blades to contact each other without the need for a washer, although I've heard of some using a washer. I agree that the use of a washer would not permit as much contact therefore making slippage a little more easier and likely. Another thing to consider if a washer is used, is that not only are you going to lose 1/4" blade bolt thread penetration from the second blade, but you are ALSO going to lose an ADDITIONAL approximate 1/4" to the thickness of the washer.
  3. awm

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    This gives me a chance to caution everyone who is going to double.Iwas crossing over a metal meter cover( the heavy ones) ant the blades sucked the thing up into them.
    Must be alot of lift.standard and gators
  4. cutting edge

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    This may be a dumb question, but why doesn't someone manufacture a cross shaped blade? They make edger blades like this why not mower blades?
  5. geogunn

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    they do. it's called meg-mo. but I never seem to hear anything about them.

  6. Roger

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    I have an Exmark fixed deck (36") and have used double blades for the past season and half. I use the Gator above, regular high-lift below. My spindle has a through bolt, with 1/4" washers on the bolt.

    With single blade I usually run two washers on top, two below (that is between the spindle housing and the blade). With this setup, the blade is still higher than the bottom of the deck baffles. Therefore, I know if the deck passes over an obstacle, the blades will too.

    With double blades, I move one washer above the spindle, thinking that one blade is similar in thickness as the 1/4" washer (I know - not quite, but close enough).

    When I want to mow higher than the caster collars will permit, I move all four 1/4" washers to the top, moving the blades up for higher mowing height. I think the quality of cut isn't as good when the blades run that high, right under the deck.

    I have never had a problem of the blades moving after I tighten down the spindle bolt. The bearing surface on the rotating spindle is about the size of the washer, therefore, it is very small. When mounting the blades together, I use a steel brush to clear debris from the surfaces, so that they bear together, metal to metal. If the blades are slipping with respect to one another, I would think the bolt isn't tight. Or, perhaps you've hit a obstacle.

    I have tried a different combination with washers and double blades. I put one washer between the blades, moving the Gator right up under the deck, with the high-lift running at mowing height. I think the Gators might be a little more effective in making the clippings finer, but I can't get excited about the setup, one way or the other.
  7. Joe W.

    Joe W. LawnSite Member
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    Ok. I went to the Meg-mo site and it looked like pretty good. Anyone have these? If so how do you like them?
  8. bob

    bob LawnSite Platinum Member
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    Meg-Mo blades cost between $50 - $80 for each blade. Thats $150 - $240 for one mower. No thanks.
  9. UGA

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    As to the question of a saddle or I call it a bracket for mounting the doubles, I got mine at Dixson Supply in Nashville,Tenn. but it is my understanding that they are available at all Dixie Chopper dealers. The brackets are aproximately 1/4" thick so it was very easy to figure out all I needed to do was remove one of my washers from the bottom to allow for the additional 1/4". I have
    noticed a BIG difference in the quality of cut, lack of double cutting required, and better striping after I switched. About the only drawbacks I've found are that on my 52" GD Surfer while running a Gator Magnum on top and a high lift on bottom is that I am having to clean out my deck much more often and there is a whole lot more blow out or blow by or whatever you call it. One thing about the build up under the deck could be because I have cut a lot more damp and even wet grass this season trying to run from the rain this Spring. Yeah it may be putting a more strain on my clutch but my Great Dane seems to handle it ok. The difference to me is not worth going back to singles. Has anyone ever tried using 2 high lifts on each spindle?
  10. HLC

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    I ran doubles on my Shortcut with the 60" s/d deck. Didn't really notice much difference. I don't know how the grass is in N.C. but down here in Alabama it's a waste of time to try to stripe. I know that you don't JUST run doubles for striping however it seems that most everyone who does stripe runs doubles (just from what I've read here).

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