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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by guydo1, Jul 8, 2004.

  1. guydo1

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    Hey Everyone...

    I am a commercial cutter in the Cincinnati, OH area that currently does mostly residential lawns. I have been in the business about three years and have a good amount of experience dealing with customers / getting new business / cutting efficiently. I have had good sucess and when I graduate college next year (with a BS in Computer Science - I know, what a waste if I want to cut grass!), I want to move to the Beaufort, SC or Hilton Head Is., SC area and cut there.

    I have heard from a local small-engine mechanic there that there is a good deal of need for more cutters in this area. I run the following commercial equipment:
    Husquvarna String Trimmers
    Husquvarna Backpack Blowers
    1 SCAG 52" Hydro Walkbehind w/bagger
    1 Grasshopper 61" Kubota Diesel w/bagger

    I am looking for people in this area that know the market and have comments about pricing / business / customers. I want to feel out the market and see how much I should charge; how I should do pricing in this area; and if there are existing cutters that follow this forum that are overworked, need more help, etc.

    Please post back and let me know your thoughts!

  2. kipper

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    I would stay in ohio. The price of living down there is through the roof. There are also big companies that do everything. Traffic is horrible and the people are not the best. Just my 2 cents.
  3. guydo1

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    I agree that the cost of living is high down there - I see you're from Charleston (been there...very pretty city!) so Im sure you know what you're talking about. However, there is some incentive for me to come down there. My grandmother lives there so I could essentially get my board for free or rent the house from her since she is planning on moving. Plus, she has a very large (40ft by 60ft) 3 door garage/barn there that would be perfect for mower maintenance.

    I am actually more interested in working the Beaufort area rather than Hilton Head, and more specifically Lady's Island (if you're familiar). Im sure there are several large companies on Hilton Head that I would have to compete with and Im not really into that. Id rather come into a market that is shallow with lawn service companies (like I believe Beaufort to be).

    Thanks for your reply!
  4. kipper

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    I am pretty familar with the area, my inlaws have a house at Fripp Island. That is a tough area for a little guy I think because of the big competition. You would have it made with the living arangement. There is another post in the networking with people section you should read. From a guy in beaufort. good luck with it.

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